Church, Hall and Grounds

Maintenance of our Premises and Grounds

 The Church, the Hall – and the Presbytery too –  are important assets for the Parish and they need to be looked after.

Maintenance workerThe largely unseen Maintenance Team work hard to keep us weather-tight and warm – and they ensure that the decoration is kept up to scratch.

gardeningOthers ensure the Churchyard and Grounds are kept smart and tidy.

We also appreciate the work of the Housekeepers, who look after the Presbytery and the Parish vestments.

The Interior of the Church is equally important, as it should reflect the dignity and importance we attach to our forms of worship.  The results are always appreciated – especially at the great festivals of Easter and Christmas.  So, we say “Thank you!” to

the Flower Guild;             the Brass Polishers;                            and the Church Cleaners!

 These activitiescleaning are vitally important – but sadly, we would only notice them if they weren’t done.  It’s a case of “Many hands make light work” – can you help, please?

The Parish Hall

The Hall is a great asset to the School during term time and to the Parish out of school hours.

It serves as the venue for refreshments after Mass, our major social events, formal and informal parish meetings and for religious classes.

It can also be hired by parishioners and other organisations; click here to see the procedure.

The Cemetery

There is a consecrated graveyard attached to St Benet’s, with some places still available for the burial of ashes.

Information on all such matters, including costs and regulations regarding memorials, can be obtained from the Deacon responsible.

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