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Covid-19  Summary

Information Available on the Website

In a separate section, we have a summary of the Government information received, as well as that from our National (CBCEW) and Diocesan (RCDEA) Church Authorities.

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We also have a summary of  Local Information and also the local “Action Plans” to support and help the less able members of our Parish.

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Thursday 04 June

The June schedule of  “Cathedaral Masses” – to be offered for all those directly affected by Covid19 – can be viewed by clicking here.



Parish Notices

Trinity Sunday; Fr Martin Writes: 

Readings:-   Exodus 34: 4-6;8-9      II Corinthians 13: 11-13      John 3: 16-18

God so loved the World Roof BeamSic Deus Dilexit Mundum: (God so loved the world) 

The four Latin words inscribed in gold on the red beam above the sanctuary in St Benet’s – also at the beginning of today’s Gospel – represent a sort of motto for our Christian faith. Entire books have been written on Jn 3:16, the verse from which the words are taken.

What does this text have to do with the Holy Trinity?

The verse begins: ‘God so loved the world that he gave his only Son…’ – to encompass a mystery of life and death, the former prevailing over the latter – ‘that everyone believing in Him may not perish but have eternal life’.

Holy SpirirBelief in Jesus is inspired by the Holy Spirit who, Jesus promised, would lead His followers into truth; and so our vocation is to explore together what the Holy Spirit teaches (in the rest of the Bible and in many other places, too) about the true relationship of Himself both with the Father and with the Son who gives his Life for others.

Within our own families, ‘Father and Son’ will stand for a very much wider range of relationships, offering a potential fulfilment for each believer through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit         Today’s second reading emphasises that the Holy Spirit works with communities more than with individuals – but only if the community is open to Him.  This mystery of Christian life is there to be uncovered by those ready to work and to pray together:

In the first reading, Moses had a bit of a problem with the Israelite community … but they muddled through in spite of everything – simply because Moses himself, together with a few others, had accepted a ‘share’ of the Spirit (Numbers 11, cf Exodus 18) in order to expend their own share for the good of the People as a whole.


Try Praying

Major trypraying campaign targets Scotland – UK Online Christian ...

This is the title of a seven-day prayer programme to introduce the practice to those who have never seriously tried it; but it is also a very good ‘refresher course’ for anyone who is feeling rusty!

Booklets are available in the church porch for those who’d like to have a go at this simple seven-day programme, designed to make our faith open to a wider public – to be encouraged to discover the joy of a personal relationship with Jesus.

We also aspire to membership of a believing community, if we are to practise our faith in a coherent and meaningful way and so we continue to look forward to the end of the ‘lockdown’.

Praying Together

The practice of praying together at particular times gives coherence to all our best intentions and enables us to identify more closely with the needs of others.

Prayer 6

 Different members of the parish are looking to set up small groups who can pray ‘together’ at prearranged times, even when obliged to self-isolate at home: we have learned from Spiritual Communion during live-streamed Mass that our prayer remains as a unifying force even when we are unable to meet. 

Groups can be set up for example by contacting our Webmaster; or ask Mike Ellwood to make an announcement in the Newsletter.



Rest in Peace

Acknowledgements – John Sirl. RIP.

John’s family, Brenda and Roger, would like to thank everyone who turned out on Thursday afternoon to say a final farewell to John as his hearse passed St Benet’s.  Special thanks are due to the “Harrison Crew” who provided the music for John’s favourite hymn – and to all who joined in the singing of it. 

We also appreciate all the help so many people gave John over the years. 

God Bless You All.  Brenda and Roger.


St Benet's SchoolSt Benet’s Primary School 

A small number of pupils will begin their return to school, following the lockdown, this Monday, 8th June.

Please say a prayer for those whose families are obliged to remain in isolation, and for the safety of all concerned.


20160509_154321Reopening of Our Churches

Members of our local Deanery will have an online meeting during the coming week to begin the implementation of measures preparatory to the reopening of our churches.

Supplies of hand-sanitizer, floor-marking tape, masks and gloves will be distributed by the Diocese, and measures including thorough cleaning and removal of shared objects such as hymn-books will be necessary for the foreseeable future.

Printed Newsletters etc should be taken away by individuals (don’t leave them behind in the porch if you have been using them).

More directions will appear on our website in due course.


Meanwhile, whenever the church is to be open (probably from sometime next month), a volunteer will have to be on duty near the entrance to help ensure that we are ‘keeping safe’ and following the guidelines which will be issued by the Diocese. 

Volunteers will be needed;  please let Fr M know if you are willing to help!   (Though we don’t expect to be wearing Hi-Vis jackets!!)




Some Reminders From Earlier Newsletters


The Parish Newsletter is Back

newsletterWe are now printing the Newsletter each week once again and it will be available in the porch of St Benet’s even though many of you are now receiving it in electronic form, thanks to our Webmaster Terry O’Brien. 20160509_154848

During the warmer weather, as we await the end of the lockdown, the porch is open (with a few booklets and newspapers available inside) to encourage you to come and say a prayer in the churchyard when the weather is fine.  Meanwhile, provided that the rate of Covid infections continues to fall nationally, it is anticipated that our church buildings will begin to reopen in July.



ThankYouSkywritingDo please set aside your contributions to the Offertory & other collections so that we can maintain a reasonable level of giving and enable us to meet the on-going commitments of the Parish.

Please note that Bank Transfers or Standing Orders, may be arranged through our Parish Treasurer: or 01502 471717).


“Live-Streamed” Masses in East Anglia

Masses - LiveStreamMassesMontage750

An updated schedule of Masses that can be watched live on your computer has been published by the Diocese.

Please click her to see the full schedule of all the Masses that are available.


Music from St Benet’s “Family Choir” Available On-line

Musical Instr.Hilary and Thomas Harrison and their children lead us with their music at the monthly Family Liturgy, for 10:30 Mass.

They have recorded some “Favourite Hymns” for our enjoyment – and we now have 12 hymns for you to choose from – just click on this link to  find the “Youtube” links.

The “Harrison Crew” will also oblige if you would like to make a personal request.

Waveney Foodbank

Food Bank (800x600)

The number of Foodbank clients in need has more than doubled in the past year .

The current Coronavirus Crisis is increasing demand while reducing donations.

Your help is urgently required to help the most dis-advantaged in the community

with essential food and hygiene items. 


Repository -st-benedict-products

If you have an urgent need for a devotional article – especially for someone suffering from the Coronavirus – email Terry on with a note of what you want, and we will try to help.

Parish Annual Meeting

The meeting, which was planned for Thursday 23 April, has been postponed until further notice.

The items listed below will be discussed at the later date.

1. Buildings and Resources – Report on Action Needed

Our church buildings have received two insurance inspections so far this year: one was for the ‘health and safety’ of those who work here, and the other was concerned with the state of the buildings themselves.

A report will be given at the  Parish Annual Meeting.

2. Screening of St Anthony’s Chapel; Presentation of Proposals

You may have heard talk about erecting a glass screen supported by an oak frame enclosing St Anthony’s Chapel.

The proposal is to create a space within the church (separately heated) where daily Masses / services can be celebrated, where church groups such as prayer groups, discussion groups, and parish committees can meet.  Importantly it would be wheelchair accessible.

If you would like to comment before the AGM, please drop a note in the letter box in the church porch, or speak to a PPC member.

A presentation of the plans and estimated cost will be made at the Annual Parish Meeting.

3. Stewardship – The Way Ahead; Presentation of Plans

 “Time, Talents and Treasure

The ‘three Ts’ will be the hallmark of the forthcoming Stewardship Campaign, designed to help us preserve the heritage of our faith for the future within the parish as a whole.


The aim will be to make good use of our all the resources available to us as a parish.  Details will be given at the Parish Annual Meeting.



Note that all planned activities and events for the near future have been cancelled or postponed.

Amended procedures for Services, Celebrations and Activities, will be posted in this website as and when they are received from the Diocese.

The “Weekly Mass Schedule” gives details of all Services and Mass Intentions.

Information on coming events and activities is on this separate page. 

For longer term planning, you may also find the monthly “Events Diary  useful.

Previously published – but still relevant! – information, is on this  page.