Notice Board

Please note that, in April 2022,  we are slowly getting back to “New Normal” and things are not quite as they were two years ago!  We are actually trying to “Build Back Better” – both in terms of the Activities we organise and the way we publicise them.  We ask for your patience as we get our act together! 

If you can’t find the information you want, email the Website Editor;  or call mobile 07504 962 368.

Our communication strategy (WOW that makes it sound really important !) is structured on a time basis.

Weekly News

We have our weekly paper Newsletter which is available at our churches at all Masses, and is also posted here on this website.

Monthly or Semi-Permanent Information

This section of the website is for the longer lasting notes and reminders – the things you always want to check up on, the week after you read them in the Newsletter you threw out yesterday!  We think of it as the electronic version of the Notice Board at the back of the church – but much easier to read at home!

Our “Permanent” Information

For this we have produced our “Guide To Parish Life”.  Paper copies are at the back of the church (A5, paper-back) with a new edition produced as and when there is anything significant change to record.  It is also posted here on the website, and it is usually kept up-to-date as circumstances change – or as fast as I can type!

Our current (April 2022) change from being a Benedictine Parish to being a full part of the Diocese of East Anglia, is causing a serious bit of re-writing!  However a lot of information about our services, the sacraments and our chartable fundraising will remain the same – and we hope you find it useful.

Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to know.

Regular Meetings and Activities

A number of Parish Groups meet on a regular basis, and a separate list shows when and where their regular meetings are planned.   Please click here to visit the page. 

In addition, the meetings will usually be announced on the News pages of the website, and in the Newsletter, in the week before any meeting is held – particularly if there is any change to date, time or venue.

If in doubt – and before travelling any distance – feel free to contact the leader/coordinator of the Group, as listed in our “Parish Contacts” page.




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