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Thirty-second Sunday of Year “C” – Remembrance Sunday


Today’s 10.30 am Mass will be celebrated as a Requiem for those who give their lives in war (some of the prayers used will therefore differ from those printed on the weekly Mass sheet).

The readings – as we should expect on any Sunday! – refer in specific ways to our faith in the Resurrection of the Dead. 

The first reading celebrates the pre-Christian faith of the Maccabees, martyred just over a century before the birth of Jesus.  Faith in the Resurrection was real enough for many who first heard the preaching of Our Lord, to the effect that for God ‘all human beings [including the deceased] are in fact alive’ (cf today’s Gospel) while the ‘inexhaustible comfort and sure hope’ in which St Paul prays with the Thessalonians are fruits of the Resurrection of Jesus himself.


St Benet’s Prayer Group: Tuesday 12 November: Presbytery

Prayer Group 2 (800x394)Our prayer life has many different dimensions – highlighted both publicly and privately – and the Prayer Group aims to explore a particular aspect of our prayer at each meeting. 

We consider our prayers at home  – as well as the overall perspective within which we pray together, for example at:-

  • Sunday Mass;
  • the monthly Saturday Holy Hour;
  • and the Vigils now being organised with the Vianney Mission for Priests on the First Friday of the month, alternating between Beccles and Gorleston).

During the forthcoming year (see below: ‘Year of the Word’), we shall be encouraged to get to know our Bibles in greater depth and this Tuesday’s meeting will have a focus upon the readings for the month of November.

Wwe shall do some Lectio Divina together, exploring particular passages from the Sunday Mass readings.  If there is a special aspect you would like to study, please contact Fr Martin in time for the meeting.


CAFOD: Faith in Action Day: Saturday 16 November



The annual Faith in Action Day, when members of CAFOD explore the relations between faith and politics, is held this year at Clare Priory (Sudbury, CO10 8NX) between 10 am and 4 pm on Saturday 16th November

‘When should we pray from the side-lines and when should we roll up our sleeves?’ – exploring the relations between reflection and action.  

A soup lunch will be provided.


Coming Events


World Day of the Poor: Sunday 17 November

World Day of Poor

Pope Francis’s theme for this World Day of Prayer is:


The Pope reminds us that “the poor are not numbers, but people”; They need to be:

  • assisted and accompanied;
  • protected and respected;
  • defended and saved.

He recalls that this is not possible without the humility of listening and the courage of renunciation.

“To follow the way of charity, of humility and of listening means lending an ear to the little ones”, because God reveals himself through them. 

World Day of the Poor will be celebrated in our diocese through the launch of Caritas East Anglia at a special Mass to be held in St John’s Cathedral, Norwich, on the morning of 17th November.


Market Stall; Friday 22 November

Market stall

The next Market Stall, in aid of our chosen charities will be on

Friday 22 November 2019

This is the final stall planned for 2019.

Can you help in 2020?.

Make an Early New Year Resolution!



Year of the Word: – The God Who Speaks

God Who Speaks

Starting this Advent: from Sunday 1st December

The Church in England and Wales begins a teaching programme that will highlight the importance of Scripture study for the life of all Christians.

This is being promoted by our Bishops in collaboration with the Bible Society: a special representative has been appointed in each diocese and every parish is invited to join in – see the leaflets entitled ‘God who Speaks’ (available at the back of both churches). 

Our monthly Prayer and Discussion Groups will be responding to this initiative and our diocesan representative, Jean Johnson, can be contacted through Fr Martin if there are particular aspects of Holy Scripture you would like to explore.



This Week’s Notices


Parish Fundraising for Local Charities – Suggestions Wanted


Please make your suggestions NOW for the local charities we should support through our parish activities in 2020. 

The funds are raised at the Friday markets in the centre of Beccles (as well as through social activities within the parish).  The organisers of the market stalls have to submit the names of charities to be supported BEFORE THE END OF NOVEMBER. 

The boxes for your suggestions (there are two in St Benet’s and one at OLPS Gillingham) will be emptied in three weeks’ time.


Prayer for the Faithful Departed

Rest in Peace

Envelopes for the month of November – month of the Holy Souls – are available in both churches.

You are invited to fill the envelopes with your prayer intentions and return them to Fr Martin (or leave your sealed envelope in the blue box indicated at the back of church at Beccles and Gillingham) in time for the annual Mass for the Departed to be held in St Benet’s at 7 pm on Wednesday 27th November.


Missio red box

“Missio”  Red Boxes are still available for the coming year.



Missionaries of the Poor 

Missionaries of the Poor 1


Fr Michael Johnstone is again taking a group to Kingston, Jamaica in January to work as Volunteers with the Missionaries of the Poor.

Anyone aged over 18, male or female, is welcome to join the group.

Further information from Fr. Michael, Tel.  01603 664118. or email


First Holy Communion 

First CommunionParents of children aged seven or over who are ready to make their First Communion next year are invited to apply for the 2019-20 programme. 

This is run by Toni Harrison in the Parish Hall on Saturday mornings (beginning during the second half of the current term).  The children are supported by members of their own families who are invited to attend some of the sessions.

Please contact Toni on 01502 711605.


Month of the Rosary 

Rosary 2

Some of us have been praying a Scriptural Rosary and Fr Martin has printed Bible verses for the Joyful and Luminous Mysteries in booklets that are now available in the Lady Chapel (the Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries will follow during November). 




Repository -st-benedict-products

We will be open today after 10.30 Mass as usual.   

Christmas Cards, Advent Calendars, Gifts and Decorations are now in stock.

Our supplier’s catalogue is available to browse. 

Make your orders NOW for those special items – as the popular gifts soon run out!




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