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Covid-19  Summary

Information Available on the Website

In a separate section, we have a summary of the Government information received, as well as that from our National (CBCEW) and Diocesan (RCDEA) Church Authorities.

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We also have a summary of  Local Information and also the local “Action Plans” to support and help the less able members of our Parish.

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Sunday 27 September

Twenty-sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time; Year “A”

The Mass Readings for TODAY, and the week ahead

Universalis Mass ReadingsFor the readings for the Day/Date/Feast shown, (and for the following week) just click on the yellow “Universalis” banner above.

Mass Readings and Prayers; 26th  Sunday of Year “A”

Readings; (1st) Ezekiel 18: 25-28                      (2nd) Philippians 2: 1-11           Gospel:  Matthew 21: 28-32

Preface      II of Sundays                                Eucharistic Prayer:  III          Acclamation   1 :

We proclaim your death, O Lord, and profess your resurrection, until you come again.

25th & 26th Sundays Fr Martin Writes:

Labourers in VineyardIn the Sunday Gospels, Our Lord’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven is illustrated in two very different vineyard parables. 

The parable of the labourers of the eleventh hour (25th Sunday) tells of a host of workers affected by different conditions of labour but with the same reward at the end of a day’s work.  The owner of the vineyard pays wages; but the real quality of the reward depends upon the attitudes of the workers: for those truly involved in the work of God’s Kingdom, the best incentives are laid out for us in the first two readings of the day. 

Tax Collectors & ProstitutesIn the second vineyard parable (26th Sunday) the owner of the vineyard has two sons whose incentives relate directly to their own inheritance: Our Lord tells this parable after his triumphal entry into the Holy City, during the final week of his life on earth.  The special relationship that Jesus shows us, between Father and Son, is celebrated by St Paul in the second reading while the choice between ‘two ways’ of doing the Father’s will is laid out in the first reading as well as in the Gospel.  The scope of the choice is formidable enough, but the day’s Collect, addressed to a merciful God, shows us how to pray truly as heirs to the Kingdom, with heavenly treasure in mind


“A Reader Writes” for the 26th Sunday of Year “A”

Not for the first time, the three readings can be liked to a common theme – “Repentance can lead to Redemption”. And there is help on how to live good lives and achieve that essential Repentance.

Ezekiel says that, “When the sinner renounces sin, he shall certainly live.”  And by “live” he means that repentance shall lead to eternal life in heaven.

Tax Collectors & ProstitutesMatthew then tells us how Jesus made the same point to the Priests and Elders of Israel, using the example of the differing behaviour of the two sons. 

He then uses very forceful language to them, highlighting the “sinners” who listened to the words of John the Baptist – and acted on them – while they, “the leaders”, refused to accept that they should change their ways.

And finally, to encourage the new Christian Philippians, Paul pleads with them to develop a common purpose; to avoid competition and self-seeking; and to put the other person’s needs ahead of their own desires.  In the final verses, Paul stresses just what an example Christ sets us, by “taking on the condition of a slave” and “accepting death, death on the cross”, to redeem us all, if only we listen to him and act on his teaching.

There can be no doubt that “Repentance leads to Redemption” but repentance must combine belief with action, and lead to real change in our behaviour.


COVID-19 Test and Trace; QR Code for St Benet’s

In order to keep up with the times, and Government requirements, we have set up the NHS Test and Trace QR code.

While this will be most useful for Sunday Masses it can equally well be used for any daily Mass or other service – such as recording attendance at a wedding or funeral.

For full details of how to download the Test and Trace APP and use the QR Code, for easy registration of your visit to either of our churches, please click here to go to the “Parish Support” pages.


Prayer and Listening Ministry 

101 People to Pray for Even If You Don't Like Them in 2020 | Prayer quotes,  Lessons learned in life, Listening prayer

The Diocese of East Anglia is initiating a Catholic Listening and Prayer Ministry to provide confidential support to those wishing to share their concerns with a trustworthy helper.

Full training and supervision will be given to those who wish to be part of this new ministry after a simple interview process; if you feel willing to commit and can provide ongoing availability within the diocese, please contact the Marriage and Family Life Commission:

Pilgrimage of Reparation and Prayer for the Sanctity of Life – 27 September

A number of ‘socially distanced’ Pilgrimages have already taken place this year.

Pro life Another of these is planned for Sunday 27th September and  it will be live-streamed from Walsingham.  It will begin at 12 noon, with the Angelus followed by Mass and concluding with Vespers at 5 pm.  Stations of the Cross (2.15) and Divine Mercy Devotions, Rosary, Litany of Life and Benediction (3.00) will also be live-streamed.  Just use either of  these links:;

The Holy Mile Walk takes place between 4 and 5 pm and we are invited to join in by making a Holy Walk of our own choosing.

Day of Pro-Life Prayer and Fasting, 28 September

Pro lifeNo live-streaming is involved in this event, but we are encouraged by the Good Counsel Network   to take part in a Quiet Day of Pro-Life Prayer and Fasting on Monday 28 September – for an end to abortion and euthanasia. 

Visit the website  for details of how to contribute to the life-saving campaign of the Good Counsel Network, and to participate in their monthly day of prayer, which is renewed in September every year.

Peter’s Pence- 04 OctoberPeter's Pence

We are asked to donate to a collection for the Holy See, which is usually taken on the Sunday nearest to the Feast of SS Peter & Paul (29 June), but will be 04 October this year. 

Perhaps it will be best to have this collection on 27 September at Gillingham, where we traditionally donate towards the upkeep of the church building on the first Sunday of the month. 

Harvest Fast Day; CAFOD; Friday 09 October

CafodWe raise funds for CAFOD through our Friday abstinence, on 09 October  this year: envelopes will be available very soon. 

 Although we shan’t be having a formal second collection for CAFOD, the baskets will be there to receive your envelopes the following Sunday. 

Cardinal john-henry-newmanSt John Henry Newman; 09 October

Friday 09 October is also the Feast of St John Henry Newman – to be celebrated for the first time in the universal Church in 2020 following his canonisation last year


gardening (800x706)Church and Grounds Maintenance – November

There will be a ‘church and grounds’ second collection at St Benet’s during the month of November. 

Missio red boxMissio – November

The only other Second Collection we’re specifically asked to make before the end of the year is for ‘Missio’ in a month’s time.


First Holy CommunionFirst Communion (2)

As some parishes are celebrating First Communion soon, the repository cabinet in the porch has been stocked with suitable gift items.  These can be purchased after 10:30 Mass; please contact Terry if you are interested.


Missing the Missalettes? Why not Buy a Missal?CBC Missals 028

It seems unlikely we will have missalettes for some time. If you missed the chance of the bulk order of Missals, we have received a further delivery of them, as well as a selection of other versions. These will be available at 10:30 Mass.  Please try to have the correct money – or a cheque payable to DAMT Beccles Account.




Communion will be distributed in your pew, at the “normal” time duriing Mass.

Remain seated until the Minister comes to your row.


  • Communion 2To receive communion, stand up in front of your chair.
  • The Minister will walk in front of your kneeler/spacer (wearing mask & visor).
  • Keep your face mask on; extend arms fully, palms up, maximise distancing.
  • Receive Host in hand, wait until Minister has moved to next person.
  • Sit; move mask aside; place Host in mouth; replace mask.
  • If desired, kneel for prayer, when the Minister has moved from your row.


You may cross your arms to receive a silent blessing.

The Sunday Obligation

Mass BishopAlanCelebratesMass750-750x480 (1) ElyA reminder that this is waived until further notice.  You may prefer to come to Mass on a weekday, when the Church is less busy; – in St Benet’s:  9.15 am on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays or 9.30 am on Saturdays.


Waveney Food Bank

Food Bank (800x600)

The local Foodbank now serves an average of 105 needy clients per week in Beccles, with special deliveries to more than 50 households.

Take a tear-off slip from St Benet’s porch to remind  you of items the Foodbank find most useful.

The organisers are very grateful for all your generous donations.

Maximum Capacity of St Benet’s


This has been determined to be no more than 60 persons inside St Benet’s Nave at any time – subject to the mix of family groups and single parishionerss.

We hope we won’t be turning people away but we have to adhere to the maximum capacity to ensure correct social distancing inside the buildings.

Face Coverings

Covid Face masksH.M. Government has announced that face coverings must be worn by everyone attending any Church Service. 

Please come prepared!– though we do have a small supply for emergency issue.



Repository -st-benedict-products

The Repository remains closed, but if you have an urgent need for a devotional article – especially for someone suffering from the Coronavirus – email Terry on with a note of what you want, and we will try to help.


Parish Annual Meeting

The meeting, which was planned for Thursday 23 April, has been postponed until further notice.

The items listed below will be discussed at the later date.

1. Buildings and Resources – Report on Action Needed

Our church buildings have received two insurance inspections so far this year: one was for the ‘health and safety’ of those who work here, and the other was concerned with the state of the buildings themselves.

A report will be given at the  Parish Annual Meeting.

2. Screening of St Anthony’s Chapel; Presentation of Proposals

You may have heard talk about erecting a glass screen supported by an oak frame enclosing St Anthony’s Chapel.

The proposal is to create a space within the church (separately heated) where daily Masses / services can be celebrated, where church groups such as prayer groups, discussion groups, and parish committees can meet.  Importantly it would be wheelchair accessible.

If you would like to comment before the AGM, please drop a note in the letter box in the church porch, or speak to a PPC member.

A presentation of the plans and estimated cost will be made at the Annual Parish Meeting.

3. Stewardship – The Way Ahead; Presentation of Plans

 “Time, Talents and Treasure

The ‘three Ts’ will be the hallmark of the forthcoming Stewardship Campaign, designed to help us preserve the heritage of our faith for the future within the parish as a whole.


The aim will be to make good use of our all the resources available to us as a parish.  Details will be given at the Parish Annual Meeting.




Note that all planned activities and events for the near future have been cancelled or postponed.

Amended procedures for Services, Celebrations and Activities, will be posted in this website as and when they are received from the Diocese.

The “Weekly Mass Schedule” gives details of all Services and Mass Intentions.

Information on coming events and activities is on this separate page. 

For longer term planning, you may also find the monthly “Events Diary  useful.

Previously published – but still relevant! – information, is on this  page.