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Covid-19  Summary

In a separate section, we have a summary of the Government information received, as well as that from our National (CBCEW) and Diocesan (RCDEA) Church Authorities.

We also have a summary of  Local Information and also the local “Action Plans” to support and help the less able members of our Parish.

Please click here to go to the “COVID-19” section of the website.


Sunday 11 April



EasterWe’re now celebrating Easter 2021 as a parish community, almost as we did two years ago: we still live with social distancing, limitations on shared objects, no singing, and a reduced capacity for admissions to the church buildings; but let’s acknowledge that the joy of Easter is something greater than these contingencies imposed upon us by a new and evolving virus! 

We have much to be grateful for – not least the work of our stewards, flower arrangers and sacristy team .. and many others working behind the scenes at school, home and elsewhere. 

Later in the season, we might rediscover the resources available in our parish hall which, we hope, will be usable for gathering after Sunday Mass, and for other social functions, before the end of the year

Fr Charles Fitzgerald-Lombard

St Edmunds20bungayFr Charles, Parish Priest at Bungay, announced his retirement last weekend and in the coming days we’ll be visited by the Abbot of Downside, Dom Nicholas Wetz, who is charged with appointing his successor. 

Fr. Charles celebrated his 80th birthday recently and we join with Bungay in wishing him well for the future.  He still has responsibility for Downside Abbey Missions Trust – the ‘financial arm’ of our two parishes, in support of our efforts to flourish within the Diocese of East Anglia.

Zoom zoom-video-conferencing-large-meeting-

Now that we have a parish Zoom Account, Fr Martin is able to host online meetings from the office computer and, if your group has a responsible leader, Fr M can appoint him or her as a co-host with effective charge of the meeting, once we’ve said our opening prayer.

Please contact the parish office if you’d like to make use of this facility;  (or leave a message in the letterbox in St Benet’s church porch).

 Parish Pastoral Council; Thursday 15 April at 4 pmSearch For Solution

The PPC will use ZOOM for their online meeting led by Linda Last at 4.00 pm this Thursday, April 15th, when we shall look at different ways of emerging from lockdown.  

If you’ve been joining other parishes for live-streaming in recent months, you might have ideas for the development of our own worship and community life.

If you have any ideas you wish to share, you can:-

Later in the year, we hope to arrange an open meeting to further our future parish development together in the light of the Gospel.

Bishop Alan Hopes; Retirement

Bishop Alan HopesOur Bishop plans to retire this year and we continue to pray for his successor at Mass and at other times.  The prayer we are using is here in the prayer > diocese section of this website. 

Please explore the prayer division of the parish website to participate in this prayer and to discover many other intentions for our prayer within the parish and beyond. 

Recent years have seen a great many changes and it seems that 2021 will be no exception!  Our commitment to the diocesan Alive in Faith appeal lasts into 2022 and we continue to celebrate the scope of our life within the diocese (; visit also:

Community of Our Lady of Walsingham  

Walsingham 3

From April 12th, it will possible to arrange self-catering retreats for households and bubbles at the Dowry House, Walsingham.

Visit or contact Sister Theresa on 01328 801018. 

The Dowry House is the former Sue Ryder shop in the centre of Little Walsingham, opposite the entrance to the Old Priory, close to the Parish Church and with the Shrine and Slipper Chapel Basilica at the other end of the Holy Mile – an unrivalled springtide location in the north Norfolk countryside.

Beccles Town Pastors 


St Benet’s is represented by Bernard Segrave-Daly on the management team, and by Mario Burridge who hopes to serve as an active Pastor when this ministry starts to go out-of-doors once again. 

Other members of the parish have been involved in the Pastors’ prayer team. 

To find out more, contact Fr Martin or join the Town Pastors ‘What’s App’ group.



Radio Maria England

radio-maria-england 2This is a new station based in Cambridge, broadcasting a great wealth of Catholic / Christian material: Volunteers assist with promotion, broadcasts, creating programmes and praying. Please contact and follow on    


RAFA Needs Your Help!

raf WingsAppeal_LogoDry and secure storage is required for ‘Wings Appeal’ material, including small marquee, tables and plastic ducks – it would fit into a small domestic garage. 

Please would anyone be able to help?  (Contact Brian Vousden: 01502 711519 or

Offertory CollectionsCorrection


For those unable to attend Mass, offerings for St Benet’s Parish can be made by Cheque,  made payable to “Downside Abbey Missions Trust, Beccles” ( or “DAMT Beccles”), sent to Fr Martin,

Alternatively, Bank Transfers can be used, payable to “Downside Abbey Missions Trust, Beccles” ( or “DAMT Beccles”), at Barclays Bank, account number 3341 6046, sort code 20-47-06.  

(Contributions to the monthly second collection at Gillingham, for the upkeep of the church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, can be made to ‘Gillingham Catholic Church’ at Barclays Bank account  number 4051 8174, sort code 20-92-08). 

Suffolk Churches;  Ride and Stride; Sat 11 September

Ride and Stride

The Suffolk Historic Churches Trust has announced that the 2021 event will go ahead on Saturday 11th September. As usual, St Benets will participate by opening our Church to receive and welcome visiting walkers and cyclists. Hopefully, some of us may be persuaded to canvass financial sponsorship for walking or cycling to other Churches in this or the wider Suffolk (or Norfolk) area.

Surprisingly, despite the pandemic restrictions, the 2020 event raised £175,000, which will allow the Trust to continue to make grants to vulnerable Churches (which included St Benets in the past). As we had no active participants, our contribution amounted to only £236, which came from 2 parishioner donations.

If you would like to participate in any way, please contact Paddy Hardiman on or 714066.

Foodbank Food Bank (800x600)

All-year-round donations continue as before (please use the box in St Benet’s church porch – or the black box outside the front door of the presbytery). 


Repository -st-benedict-products

The Repository remains closed, but if you have an urgent need for a devotional article – especially for someone suffering from the Coronavirus – email Terry on with a note of what you want, and we will try to help.


Parish Annual Meeting

The meeting, which was planned for Thursday 23 April 2020, has been postponed until further notice.

The items listed below will be discussed at the later date.

1. Buildings and Resources – Report on Action Needed

Our church buildings have received two insurance inspections so far this year: one was for the ‘health and safety’ of those who work here, and the other was concerned with the state of the buildings themselves.

A report will be given at the  Parish Annual Meeting.

2. Screening of St Anthony’s Chapel; Presentation of Proposals

You may have heard talk about erecting a glass screen supported by an oak frame enclosing St Anthony’s Chapel.

The proposal is to create a space within the church (separately heated) where daily Masses / services can be celebrated, where church groups such as prayer groups, discussion groups, and parish committees can meet.  Importantly it would be wheelchair accessible.

If you would like to comment before the AGM, please drop a note in the letter box in the church porch, or speak to a PPC member.

A presentation of the plans and estimated cost will be made at the Annual Parish Meeting.

3. Stewardship – The Way Ahead; Presentation of Plans

 “Time, Talents and Treasure

The ‘three Ts’ will be the hallmark of the forthcoming Stewardship Campaign, designed to help us preserve the heritage of our faith for the future within the parish as a whole.


The aim will be to make good use of our all the resources available to us as a parish.  Details will be given at the Parish Annual Meeting.




Note that all planned activities and events for the near future have been cancelled or postponed.

Amended procedures for Services, Celebrations and Activities, will be posted in this website as and when they are received from the Diocese.

The “Weekly Mass Sched


ule” gives details of all Services and Mass Intentions.

Information on coming events and activities is on this separate page. 

For longer term planning, you may also find the monthly “Events Diary  useful.

Previously published – but still relevant! – information, is on this  page.