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There is a limit to what Fr Martin can do – so I have taken the liberty of copying his excellent “Christmas Notes” on the various “celebrations” we shall be having over the next few weeks – and posted them here for our reference.
I am sure we will all find them a useful reminder. 
Terry O’Brien;  Editor.

Seasonal Celebrations – into the New Year

Christian Christmas Nativity Scene

The Christmas season has a special climax in the Feast of the Epiphany, traditionally celebrated on 06 January, the twelfth day after Christmas. 

This is normally a Holy Day of Obligation (Holy Days are surviving the pandemic, although the ‘obligation’ is still waived for the time being). 

Baptism ofthe Lord_4cThe Baptism of Jesus, as celebrated on the third Sunday after Christmas (9th January 2022), might seem to bring this season to a close, but we’ll still remember the infancy of Jesus in a special way at Candlemas on the second day of February. 

These different celebrations (including also Holy Family Sunday – the Sunday after Christmas – and the Solemnity of Mary on New Year’s Day) can help us to enthrone Jesus at the heart of our family life, at all stages of our development in the Faith (depending of course upon our own Baptism and the particular meaning it gives to our lives). 

These celebrations, in different ways, mark the beginning of the Life of Faith, sent to sustain us ‘without end’:- the Blessings of Christmas are for all time!



1. Posting Time

Please note that Fr Martin’s Family Homily is usually posted on the website after the 10:30 Mass on the First Sunday of the Month.

2. “Family Homily”   

There is now a new  tab – under “Services” then “Family Life” – which has been added to provide a permanent home for the Family Homilies, where they can be referred to, and discussed, as part of our various parish educational programmes.  New homilies are planned to be monthly events – usually delivered on the First Sunday of the Month – as part of the Parish Family Mass, which involves the children of the Parish. 

Click on the blue link/title above to read them.  The most recent is on top, and the older ones are retained there for future reference.

Fr Martin Gowman

Parish Priest; St Benet’s Beccles



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