Guide to Parish Life

The “Guide to Parish Life” is designed to inform all parishioners, new and old, about what makes us think that St Benet’s Parish – including Our Lady of Perpetual Succour at Gillingham – is so special.

The most important sections are those about “Living  the Catholic Life”.   These include a reminder of the key aspects of our faith – Mass, the Sacraments and our Obligations  – as well as the opportunities, within our Parish, for personal contribution and development.

We also explain something about how the Parish is managed, including the financial aspects;  how we communicate and consult; and our social and fundraising activities.

The Handbook, together with the Parish Newsletter, aims to keep every parishioner fully  informed about Parish activities.  This Website complements both, and, as space here on the website is virtually limitless, it can contain additional information or reference documents.  It can be more readily kept up-to-date and all the data is in an easily accessible form.

We hope you find the Parish Guide useful and interesting.  The material prepared for it, has now been incorporated into the Website.  To see a particular website page, just click on the subject title shown in blue on the Contents Page below.

YOUR COMMENTS ARE VERY WELCOME – indeed, some of the early ones  have already been incorporated!  Please send any comments to Fr Martin or to the editor by email to

Guide to Parish Life – Contents 

(Please click on the blue Subject title to visit the relevant page, as included on the Website.)



Welcome to St Benet’s Parish




Catholic Life at St Benet’s —


—–Liturgy Support


—–Spiritual Development


—–A Simple Guide to the Sacraments


—–Mass; Holy Days; Fasting; Abstinence


Parish Management —




—–Church, Parish Hall, Churchyard and Grounds


—–Consultation & Communication Procedures


Catholic Schools – Primary & Secondary


Alphabetical Index


Masses and Other Services


Appendices of Variable Information.  

(Please click on the blue title to visit the relevant page as included on the Website.)

Subject Appendix
Our Clergy A 1
Deanery and Neighbouring Parishes  A 2
Benedictine and Diocesan Structure A 3
History of St Benet’s Parish A 4
Current Fundraising and Social Activities B 1
Contacts – “Who do I talk to next?” B 2
Our Regular Activities B 3
Welcome to St Benet’s; Parish Census & Register Form   C 1
Parish Gift Aid Scheme; Registration Form C 2
Mass Intentions; Request Form C 3

Alphabetical Index (Please click on the blue title above to visit the relevant page.)


Page   Subject


Abstinence 9 History of St Benet’s A4
Adults – Christian Initiation 7 Holy Days of Obligation 9
Annual Meeting 13 Inter-faith Group (Waveney) 5
Altar Servers 4 Initiation – Sacraments of 6
Baptism 6 Knights of St Columba (Lowestoft) 5
Benedictine Order A3 Liturgy Support 4
Buildings & Grounds 12 Local Charities B1
Burial 12 Maintenance of Premises 12
CAFOD B1 Management & Administration 10
Can YOU help? 3 Marriage 7
Catechists 5 Mary’s Meals B1
Catholic Life in St Benet’s 3 Mass Intentions; request form C3
Catholic Schools 14 Mass Times 16
Charities B1 Ministers of the Eucharist 4
Children’s Liturgy 4 “Missio” Red Boxes B1
Choir 4 Newsletter 10
Cleaning Team 12 Our Lady of Perpetual Succour 1, A4
Clergy 1, A1 Parish Pastoral Council 13
Collections 11 Parish Census & Register Form C1
Communion 6 Prayer Group 5
Confessions 7, 16 Ramblers B1
Confirmation 7 Readers of the Liturgy 4
Congo School for Peace B1 Regular Activities B3
Consultative Procedures 13 Repository 10
Contacts B2 Sacrament of the Sick 8
Deanery A2 Sacraments – A Simple Guide 6
Diocese A3 Sacristan 4
Discussion Group 5 Safeguarding 5
Downside Abbey A3 Schools; – St Benet’s 1, 14
Evangelisation Team 5 Services, Other 16
Expenditure 11 Social Activities B1
Family Liturgy 4 Spiritual Development 5
Fasting 9 St Edmund’s, Bungay B2
Finance & Fabric Committee 13 St Mary’s Fund B1
Flower Guild 12 Tea & Coffee Teams 4
Fundraising & Social B1 Teachers 5
Funerals 8 Treasurer 10
Gift Aid Scheme; form C2 Ushers – Meeters & Greeters 4
Graveyard 12 Vigil Mass – Saturdays 16, A2
Hall 12 Web Site 10
Historic Churches Trust (Suffolk) B1 Wednesday Club B1
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