Funds for Missio

Prayer Support Helps Too!

All charities desperately need our financial help – but they all stress that the support of our Prayers is equally important.

We actively encourage ALL parishioners to remember in their prayers, ALL the charities we have selected for our support.   They are

Missio – Red Boxes

Missio red box

Every October, we return our Red Boxes (containing a year’s contribution to missionary work throughout the world) to ‘Missio’ (Association for the Propagation of the Faith, promoted in England & Wales by the Mill Hill Fathers) in time for World Mission Sunday (24th October this year). 

Please bring your red box in to St Benet’s (leaving it with Fr Martin) or return it directly to Bernadette Starak (‘Missio’ rep for our parish) and collect a new empty one for 2021-2 at the end of the month.


Missio red box

For an Introduction to “Missio” please go to:-



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