Living the Catholic Life

Catholic Life in St Benet’s Parish

Welcome 2

The clergy and parishioners of St Benet’s really want every parishioner to enjoy life within our Catholic Community.


This information is based on our “Parish Handbook” – a booklet and a series of loose-leaf sheets which have been produced to give an overview of what is currently happening and who is currently organising it.

For further details of specific activities and/or events, please see our weekly paper Newsletter or visit the Newsletter section of the website by clicking here.

If you are a new-comer to the parish – or perhaps a change in your life means you now have some time to spare –  you may be able to help us.

How Can YOU Help?

We need to involve our parishioners if we are to make use of all the talents available and make our parish an even better place to live and to worship.

Your ideas are important. We recognise that our way of doing things may not be perfect and that you may have valuable suggestions or experience from a previous parish.  We hope you will share them with us.

What do you do next? question

When you have read through this information, and if you are a newcomer to St Benet’s, we ask that you print off and complete the ” Welcome to St Benet’s – Parish Census &  Register Form”.

This data forms the basis of our parish register; it is kept completely confidential; and it will be used for parochial administration only.

In addition, you might also want to contact one of our clergy, or the person shown on our “Parish Contacts” page who coordinates an activity relevant to you.  You will be made very welcome, especially if you feel able to help in any way.

Living Our Catholic Life

The following pages show how we believe we should be “Living Our Catholic Life”.  Our current activities have been grouped as shown below.  Just click on the blue title to view the one that interests you:

In other sections of the website have we some more information about the Parish, which we hope you find useful.

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