Updated on 08 July

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08 July

“Collections”  To remove the need for handling coins and notes, any form of Eelectronic Banking would help.  Details of the Parish Bank Account are posted.

04 July (2, 3)

“Person 2 Person”   An interesting message has been received.

“Covid – Parish Support”  Details of the procedures to be followed for Public Mass have been posted here.

04 July

“Deacon’s Reflections”   The reflection from Deacon Tony has been updated for  the Fourteenth Sunday of Year “A”.

03 July

  • The “Current Information” pages (see 1 to 8 below) have been updated for w/c Sunday 05 July, Fourteenth Sunday of Year “A” – and now we have public Services to advertise – but no social activities as yet.
  • Importantly, our list of “Prayer Requests”  (See 2 below) is being maintained and updated weekly. We ask everyone to make a special effort to pray for those affected by the Coronavirus and for those working – under extreme pressure and at personal risk – to treat those suffering from it.

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PLUS see also the latest additions to our list of  ” Spiritual & Prayer Resources

01 July

“Covid19 – Church News”.  A letter from our Metropolitan Archbishops has been posted.

It is confirmed the the “Sunday Obligation” to attend Mass is still suspended;  the faithful are encouraged to attend weekday Mass, especially where Sunday Mass may be crowded.

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