Prayer Requests

We are asked to pray for the sick of the Parish:

Prayer 2

Elisabeth Ashe, Mary Banns, Josephine Barrell, Patricia Bath, Minnie Bartholomew,

Ivor Baxter, Steven Brooks, Theresa Chalmers, Merissa Covis, Marie Coward,

John Ellwood, Mary Ellwood, Marion Gracey, Sue Kerr, Alasdair Kirkpatrick,

Tanya Maloy, Roma Matthews, Sheila Maye, Michael Osborne, Mary Roberts,

Anne Ronald, Paul Ronald, John Sirl, Mike Wells, Jamie Whittenbury, Bill Williams,

Margaret Zagdan.


We remember those whose anniversaries occur w/c 26 January:

In Memorium

Alan Byers-Graves, John Cannell, Stanley Carter, Mary Cole, Alan Cook, Paul Cook,

Vincent Ellwood, Elizabeth Evans, Perpetua Ingram, Mark Knights, Sr Lucina SMG,

Frederick Owers.


And for Other Personal Intentions:


We remember all those who ask for our prayers.

In St Benet’s, anyone can use the Notice Board or the Prayer Intention Book,

both of which can be found by the Bunbury Door.