Prayer Requests

We are asked to pray for the Sick of the Parish:

Prayer 2

Elisabeth Ashe, Mary Banns, Josephine Barrell, Patricia Bath, Minnie Bartholomew,

Steven Brooks, Clodagh Casolani, Theresa Chalmers, Marie Coward, Bob Duncan,

John Ellwood, Mary Ellwood, Marion Gracey, Sue Kerr, Alasdair Kirkpatrick,

Tanya Maloy, Sheila Maye, Michael Osborne, Elizabeth Page, Jackie Pipe,

Mary Roberts, Anne Ronald, Paul Ronald, Rosemary Topham, Mike Wells,

Jamie Whittenbury, Margaret Zagdan.


We remember those whose Anniversaries occur w/c 12 July:

In Memorium

Mary Bramley, Arthur Buck, Celia Burton, Baby Calderbank, Bishop Alan Clark,

Brian Cole, Eric Crisp, Ethel Forder, Eileen Hodge, Paul Keyes, Stephanie King,

Robert Martin, Marjorie Mayston, Elizabeth Rowell, Etheldreda Rushmere,

Harold Sawyer, Susanna Smith, John Taylor, William Worsley-Worswick.


  We continue to pray for those who have Died and for the Bereaved

Rest in Peace

Brenda West RIP

We are sad to report the recent death of Brenda West.

Her husband Jim died only 4 weeks ago, and we extend our sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Funeral details will be notified when known.

We think of all the others who have asked for our prayers,

For Their Personal Intentions


We remember especially all those who are personally affected by the Coronavirus, 

 and the medical staff and carers who are working under extreme pressure

 to care for us all.

In normal times, anyone can use

the Notice Board or the Prayer Intention Book.

These can be found by the Bunbury Door, beside the Lady Chapel,

– which is a quiet area in which our petitions can be made.

During the time of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis, if you have any Special Intention you would like to have mentioned at a Mass,  please drop Fr Martin a note at the presbytery or email him at 

Arrangements can then be made for the payment of any appropriate Stipend.