Beccles Town


We think of all those in Beccles who are in need of our Prayers.

Beccles Town Pastors 

town-pastors3The Town Pastors are continuing their mission in our town – especially during the Friday market, and on Friday evenings over the summer holiday.  The idea is to emerge from lockdown with faith in our hearts.  Out-of-doors, the pastors offer Christian companionship and support;  they are supported in turn by others who meet indoors to pray for them. 

Town Pastors are comprised of equal numbers of men and women: to achieve their goals, Beccles Town Pastors have a special need for male volunteers – Fr Martin has further details.


Other Prayer Requests

These are published on the following pages.  Click on the blue link below, to view each group of requests for Parish Prayer Requests for:-

And for Deceased Parishioners:-

 Plus we have received suggestions for Prayers for:-

Prayer 7

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