Spiritual Development

This section includes some pre-existing parish activities, as well as initiatives which have been developed following the Diocesan “Synodal Pathway 2021 – 2023” exercise.

One of the key points from our parish discussions was that many parishioners were reluctant to engage with those of other faiths – or of none! – simply because we felt we lacked the knowledge to “argue our corner”.

There was also a degree of uncertainty about what the teaching of the Church actually is, given that many of us are “Adolescent Catholics”, i.e. those whose learning about our faith ceased when we left school at age 16 or 18 years of age!

This was perticularly true, in terms of what some see as “uncomfortable beliefs”,  when readings of the Bible and the Gospels appear to be taken literally – and to be contradicted by all modern scientific understanding.

We hope you find the discussions that are recorded here useful – but we have to say that most of the records are fairly brief;  it is the debates that matter and we don’t seek to record all that was said.

However, we will be including notices of forth-coming meetings, presentations, debates, discussions and training sessions to which all are welcome.  If you are having doubts, or there are some areas of uncertainty, do please come along and share them with others from St Benet’s.  You are entitled to your opinions and will be listened to with respect – but be prepared to extend the same courtesy to the others in the group.

We hope you join in and find the experience stimulating, challenging and, above all, helpful!

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