Formation in the Faith


This section aims to address the perceived lack of knowledge that many of us feel when asked:-

  • “What do you – a Catholic – actually believe?”   or
  • “What do you think actually happens during the Mass?

We will – first and foremost – publicise the dates, times and locations of any activities that may be developed to help us all to grow in the knowledge of our faith and make us more able and willing to discuss the basis of our beliefs as Catholics.

Subsequently we may report back on the debates and discussions that were held – but we will not be publishing full records or summaries.  It is the debates between those present that are the important thing, and we hope that you will join us to air your own point of view!

Formation in the Faith – Saturday July 30th at 5.00 pm 

Communion 2In this second session on ‘What Happens at Mass’, we shall be looking in more depth at how we engage with Our Lord Jesus Christ who asks us to ‘do this in memory of me’.

This is all about the people who accompany the priest, day-by-day and week-by-week, in the celebration of the holy Sacrifice.  We will also consider how we ‘hand on the faith’ to our children (See the notice about our ‘Children’s Liturgy’.)

Parishioners of all ages and levels of experience will be most welcome at Barsham Rectory (NR34 8HA), (Howard Trust’s home,) for a short talk by Fr Martin followed by discussion and refreshments.  Contact Fr Martin or Howard (01502 717741) for more information, or just turn up!

The Fundamentals of our Faith – May 2022

We held the first session of the two part course on “What Happens at Holy Mass” on Saturday, 25 May.  Fr Martin shared with us the outline structure of Mass, covering its four ends – honouring God, thanksgiving, satisfaction and petition – and the logic of the Eucharistic Prayer as he prayed it, “in persona Christi”.

The second part will be arranged for later in July or early August at 5pm at Barsham Rectory. This course would be particularly beneficial to parents, as they educate their children in the Faith.

You may just turn up or ask Fr Martin or Howard Trust (01502 717741) if you would like to know more, beforehand. Further courses will follow, about “The Creed” and “Catholic Family Life”.

We hope you will want to join us.

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