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Fifth Sunday of Easter (Yr B)

 Fifth Sunday of Easter Year B

The first reading gives an interesting insight into what life was like for the followers of Jesus, after the Resurrection.  It really must have been a frightening time, not knowing what sort of reception they would receive, or who to trust, as they moved amongst the various tribes of Israel.  But gradually they overcame the dangers and were able to preach in peace.

In the second reading, St John reminds us of the key message – believe in Jesus; love God; love your neighbour as yourself.  But it opens with the message that words alone are not enough; we must ACT the way the commandments tell us.  In today’s jargon “Walk the Walk, not just Talk the Talk!”Love thy neighbour 3

Then the Gospel, recording the words of Jesus at the Last Supper, takes us through his wonderful use of a parable to put a complex message into simple words that the disciples could relate to.  In his example, he is teaching his followers how to get his message across to the population at large. It’s no use getting into advanced theological debates!  Jesus puts the message into plain language and relates it all to their “every-day” activities, like sowing, and growing, and tending, and harvesting the grapes that gave them the wine that – after fermentation – is an essential life-saving drink in those days of uncertain water supplies.


So what is the message from Jesus?  It is that the other “life-saving substance” is to be delivered,  but only “If you remain in me, and my words remain in you, you may ask what you will, and you shall get it.”

There is also the warning that if the branches of the vine do not bear fruit, they will be cut off and thrown on the fire.  Again, in modern parlance, Jesus gives us an example of “The carrot and the stick!”


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