A Reader Writes


Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time;  Year B

The Collect reminds us to use ‘the good things that pass’ to secure those that last forever, our eternal reward in Heaven and the ‘eternal gladness’ referred to in the Offertory prayer. 

In the reading from the Second Book of Kings, the prophet Elisha uses, through the means of his servant, the good things he is given, the first fruits, to feed more people than would have been possible without a miracle. 

The Psalm points out that such food can ‘grant the desires of all’, physical and spiritual. 

In St John’s Gospel narrative of the feeding of the five thousand we realise that this food is a type of the Eucharist which all of us desire and need. 

We can then respond to the plea in St Paul’s letter for the preservation of unity with patience, selflessness and gentleness, through the sacrifice of the Holy Mass and by holding the hand of Our Lady as she leads us with the Pope to Her Son.



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