A Reader Writes

For the 34th Sunday of Year “A”

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe,

is our King and our shepherd.

Christ the King

Our Lord:-

  • knows each one of us by name,
  • knows our strengths and our weaknesses:
  • will judge us by our actions and thoughts during our time on earth. 

The Entrance Antiphon asks ‘How worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and divinity’.

This is echoed in the Collect where we pray to our almighty ever-living God, that the whole of creation, set free from slavery, may ‘render your Majesty service and endless praise’.

The Readings tell us that Our Lord as our shepherd will guide and protect us – that he will judge ‘between sheep and sheep, between rams and she-goats’.

The 22nd Psalm says it all. Christ our Shepherd-King died for us and rose from the dead that we might live.

In the Gospel, we learn that shall be judged on what we do for others, because what we do and think for others, we do and think for Him.  When we fail to help and give of ourselves for others, we are failing to do this for Him – and for our Heavenly Father. 

We should and must “go that extra mile”, whatever it costs us, to serve the One who really deserves our humility, love and service.  He truly is:

‘Christ the King’, King of the Universe.

Christ the King

Homily and Reflections

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