A Reader Writes

Sunday 05 February

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr  A)


“You are the Salt of the earth.”   

” You are the Light of the world.”

Jesus is speaking these words to us in this Sunday’s gospel.

He is emphasising, to his disciples of all time, how vitally important it is that they believe in the truth. This truth had been hidden until then, because the darkness of this world prevented mankind from seeing their destiny as beings created in the image of God.

The Light of Christ reveals this truth, but his disciples have to bear witness to this Light.

With their testimony, the disciples of Jesus are restoring the vitality of the earth and they are spreading the Light of Christ in the world.  All the beatitudes make clear how the  brilliance of this light will overcome the darkness.

To find the way to our God and Creator, one only needs to believe what is revealed in the Light.

As devoted disciples, let us rejoice and be glad to be called ‘ Salt of the Earth’and ‘the Light of the World’. The beatitudes make clear how great the reward, of witnessing that Light, will be in Heaven.



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