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Sunday 04 June

Trinity  Sunday (Year  A)

In today’s first reading, from Exodus, we have Moses being visited by God on the Mountain of Sinai. After God describes himself as “slow to anger and rich in compassion”, Moses pleads with him to show mercy and patience with the “headstrong people” of Israel.

The second reading lets us share St Paul’s letter, encouraging the Corinthians to love and be at peace with one another.  He gives them the wonderful blessing to use when meeting, wishing each other “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit”.  With the support of all three persons of the Holy Trinity, how could they fail?

And in John’s Gospel, we hear Jesus explaining the basic truth of his mission, to be sent by the Father to die for the salvation of us all.  He re-assures us that; “No one who believes will be condemned.” balanced by the dreadful warning that “He who refuses to believe is condemned already.”



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