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Abraham, Isaac & Ram

On a mountain Abraham offers his only son as a sacrifice, but God through His angel provides a ram instead and enters in to a covenant with Abraham as a reward for Abraham’s obedience.

St Paul points out to us through his letter to the Roman church that Abraham’s offering was a type of the offering by God the Father of His only son, Our Lord, on the Cross.

Transfiguration 2

We then see Our Lord  transfigured on the mountain, “This is My Son, the Beloved. Listen to Him.” 


Do we truly listen to Our Blessed Lord and join with the Psalmist in calling on His holy name and making a thanksgiving sacrifice of ourselves?

Wedding Feast at Cana

Our Lady told the servants at the wedding feast to “do what He tells you”. Her faithfulness is our best example of how to journey through Lent and to listen fruitfully to her Son.


Homily and Reflections

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