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Spring Newsletter 2020

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Update from Mary –  February 2020

Dear All,

A big thank you to all who came out in the wind and rain on Saturday night to support our Italian Buffet evening. A fantastic £906 was raised which is the best amount ever for an event like that. This will go a long way to stocking the library and I know the sisters will be thrilled. (Please see the photos below!) There will be another newsletter soon – a spring edition.

Thanks to Howard for letting us use his lovely home, Addy and Paul for all the wonderful food,  Hazel, Rachel, Elizabeth and Michael for working so hard, Helvi and Ralph for the fizz, Chris and Roger for entertaining us and Nate for his great portraits.

Best wishes,

Mary Ellwood (Secretary)

The School for Peace Support Group

The New Library – Signage; Exterior and Interior.

Update from Mary – 18 January 2020

Dear All,

Happy New Year!

The latest news from the school is good: all of the children have been vaccinated against measles and because of the proximity of the medical centre, early signs of malaria can be dealt with promptly. They say this has been a worse threat recently than measles. The three sponsored university students have settled in well and have had their photo taken in their lecture rooms! We hope to send out another newsletter soon.

Hope to see you next month. Thank you for all you have helped us achieve in 2019.

The School for Peace Support Group – please visit our website at

Best wishes,

Mary Ellwood (Secretary)

The School for Peace Support Group



New Introductory Leaflet – June 2019

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If you would like to help and support this magnificent work, please print a copy of the form below


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Latest News from Congo

The elections took place in December followed by much unrest. The sisters remain positive as ever and are sending information regularly now via WhatsApp although Internet connections can be cut off without notice.

Message from the Headteachers

There are now 1021 pupils in the school: 114 in the Nursery, 547 in Primary and 360 in Secondary.

Of the 36 teachers only 10 are paid by the Congolese government. That explains why the money from the sponsored children helps us to fill the gap in salaries whilst also adding to the pay of those teachers who receive the poor, irregular government salary.

The exam results from the first term reveal that most of the sponsored children are doing extremely well. Many have results of 70% – 88%.

One of the greatest achievements for pupils and teachers this year is that our school has been selected to participate in a provincial competition which will be organised by the society of francophone speakers in Lubumbashi. We are proud that our school has been recognised as one of the serious schools of the Province.

The Library 

This is coming along very well in spite of the rains. We have managed to send £10,000 recently in order to finish it. There will be another room on top which will be used as a staffroom.

Schools Support

Last year St Benet’s and St Edmund’s primary schools organized a ‘Congo Week’ when the children studied all aspects of Congo and put on a wonderful exhibition of the results. More photos can be found in the gallery section of our website. We hope to interest more schools in the project this year.
Films at Geldeston

A small group from Beccles will visit Sr Virginie in Zambia this year with the possibility of making a short trip to Congo if it is safe to do so. Peter Hobbs will be cycling from Lands’ End to John O’Groats in June for three good causes including The School for Peace.

The headteacher of Glebeland School, and her husband are also planning a road trip to raise money for the school in the autumn. Please see the website for all details.

Films at Geldeston

Sadly Brian Norman has decided to take a break from showing the films and we are hoping that someone else will take over. Since Brian agreed to share the profits with us we have raised a fantastic £1,507 so far.  We are very grateful to Brian for his dedication,
and to Jo and Lillian for all the lovely cakes.

 Sister Agnes

The headteacher of the primary school, has sent photos of the library building so far, including herself on the top! You can see how far they have got already in spite of the heavy rains.


Message from Sr Virginie

“I pray that the Lord will accompany you in your work for this project which gives dignity to poor children and helps us to give them a good education. Please pass on my warm good wishes for Easter and sincere thanks to all the supporters.”


Contact:     Mary Ellwood (Secretary) or Alan Williams (Treasurer):


Some Background Information!


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Our Parish Involvement

The Congo School for Peace was initiated at St Benet’s and it has been widely supported for almost 15 years, with more than £100,000 raised in that time. As a recent example, a concert in May 2015, raised.£625.  Regular contact is maintained by parishioners making visits and reporting progress on their return – with photos of the school displayed at the back of the Church.   In addition, Mass is currently offered three or four times annually for the work of the School.

An Easy Way to Contribute!Congo 5

We have just learned that there is an easy way to make contributions to this very worthwhile charity – and NO COST TO YOU!

If you are planning to do some Internet Shopping – visit and sign up on the web site

Then carry on shopping and a contribution will be made on your behalf by the retailer you use. It really is that easy!

Sponsor a Child

If you would like to find out how to Sponsor a Child, please visit the web site, and learn how you can REALLY make a difference!

Web Site

For full details of St Benet’s School for Peace, Chamalale, Southern Congo, visit