Welcome to St Benet’s!

YES –  A sincere Welcome to St Benet’s

We wish you all a very

Happy and Holy Easter.

We know we get a number of visitors to Beccles over the Easter Season – and many will want to know when they can attend one or more of our special services.  We hope this note will prove useful.
Just click here to be taken diretly to our description of our Easter Celebrations.

But now  – some other important news!

There is Currently No Resident Priest at St Benet’s

For all non-urgent or admin queries, please email


At present, we are without a Parish Priest,

and Fr Mike Brookes, parish priest at St Edmund’s in Bungay,

is also acting as the Administrator of our parish.

To Contact Fr Mike

(in a Spiritual Emergency only, please,)

tel 01986 89 33 55 or email michael.brookes@rcdea.org.uk

For details of the services at St Edmund’s, please visit their web site, www.stedmundsrcbungay.org.uk

Through the good offices of some retired clergy

– and especially with the assistance of Fr Mike –

we maintain the limited schedule of services shown below.

However, as there is always a risk of change,

please click  here to see the current weekly Newsletter

before travelling.

We would love to welcome you to our Sunday Masses.

These are now celebrated at

09:00 (OLPS) and 10:30 (St B)

OLPS = Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Gillingham;  St B = St Benet’s, Beccles

We regret that Mass will no longer be celebrated at 18:00.

In addition, weekday Mass will normally be celebrated only on Friday, at 11:00, in St Benet’s.

For a quick introduction to what is happening in our pasish,
we suggest you read the copy of our weekly Newsletter,
which can be found by clicking here.

And Now –

An  Introduction to Our Parish

St Benet’s, Beccles

Web Site: www.saintbenetsbeccles.org


2, Grange Road,


what3words?  Click on this link for directions:- https://w3w.co/moods.pills.factored

Our Parish Contacts

Parish Administrator:     Fr Mike Brookes

Telephone:(Bungay)                  01986 89 33 55 

E-mail                                             michael.brookes@rcdea.org.uk

Parish Secretary: Karen Gallie

To contact the Parish Secretary regarding any administrative matters,

the Presbytery Telephone is :     01502 713 179

Email for all admin queries: StBenetsParish@rcdea.org.uk

This is our new Diocesan (RCDEA) email address for St Benet’s Parish.  It will be used for all admin for the church and is the email registered with the Diocesan office.

Parish Bank Accounts with Lloyd’s Bank. 

To make a payment or donation to the Parish use:- ‘St Benet’s Parish (Beccles) Accounts’;  Sort Code 30-98-97 ;  Account 7907 4762.

 Deacon:                              Rev. Tony Felton: 

                                                        Mobile: 07985 228 397;

                                                       Email: atfelton@lineone.net

Within our parish,

Mass is also celebrated  in the church of 

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (OLPS), Gillingham

Web Site: www.gillinghamcatholicchurch.com


Norwich Road,

GILLINGHAM. (No post code)

what3words?  Click on the link below for directions:- https://w3w.co/workbench.trickling.misted

(Note that the monthly collection for the upkeep of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, uses  ‘Gillingham Catholic Church’;  Barclays Sort Code 20-92-08;  Account  4051 8174)

The church is NOT in the village of Gillingham and there is no post code for Satnav. users.  If all else fails – from the “Services” roundabout at the A143/A146 junction, take the A146 towards Lowestoft; after c. 150 mtrs turn left (i.e. North) – before the footbridge – then at the “T” junction, turn right.


Just like the rest of the world, we had a lot of changes over the past 2 years, and just as we thought we were over the worst of it –  now we find ourselves without a resident priest.

HolydaysIn spite of all these changes, we are always delighted to welcome newcomers to the parish and will also extend a real hand of friendship to holidaymakers and visitors.

In case you are a stranger to Beccles, there is a Google Map of St Benet’s location on the sidebar on the right; and for users of Smart Phones, we have added  http://www.what3words.com  codes for our churches.


Fr Mike will celebrate Holy Mass at 11:00 on Fridays and will be delighted to meet and welcome you there.  Do please come up and introduce yourself.

We pray the Rosary together at 09:30 on Wednesday, when Fr Mike has a day off.

Details of the current week’s Masses, can be found by clicking here to see our “Services & Sacraments” page.


We keep the church open from 08:45 to dusk each day for Private Prayer, or simply for a quiet period of peace and contemplation.


The “Tabs” follow a logical sequence.  (At least it is logical to your editor!)   If you rest your cursor on each of the tabs, the subjects included under it will all show up.  Another way is to use the “Search” box on the Home Page;  this will bring up a number of pages containing the word or phrase you have entered; you just read each until you find the best match.  And then there is the “Updates” page which has a list of all the pages updated recently.  For example, all the pages updated each week are listed, with links to them.


The “Current Information” pages are updated from the Parish Newsletter each week.   Just use the blue link to find the sub-menu with news of all that goes on in our Parish.  You will be made very welcome, if you come along and say “Hello!” – particularly if you offer to help. 


If you have moved to Beccles and/or wish to join our parish, please register your details with us by using this link to our Parish Census / “Keeping in Touch” Form and returning it to the Parish Priest.  Copies are also on the table at the back of the church


Information provided on the Parish Register, updated from the “Keeping in Touch” form, together with any other personal data held about individuals by the Parish of St Benet’s, Beccles and the Diocese of East Anglia, is processed in accordance with the Diocese’s Privacy Notice which is available at www.rcdea.org.uk/privacy or from your Parish office

We will never share or release your Personal Data, other than as agreed by you.

You can unsubscribe from communications, or withdraw or change consents, at any time.

If you have any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the Parish Database, please contact the Parish Priest in the first instance.  If not satisfied, you can then contact the Diocesan Data Protection Manager at dpm@rcdea.org.uk

We really do hope to see you soon!  Please, come up and say “Hello!”


Parish Administrator

Our Parish School is St Benet’s Catholic Primary School

Ringsfield Road, BECCLES; NR34 9PQSt Benet's School

Executive Head:              Mrs Sam Barlow

Assistant Head:               Miss Amanda Lyons

Tel:                                        01502 712 012

Email:                                  office.stbenets@cpswv.org

Web site:                              www.st-benets.suffolk.sch.uk


To find your way around:-

  • all the “Current Information”, including the contents of the most recent Parish Newsletter, is under the tabs at the top of this page;
  • these “top tabs” include the full content of the St Benet’s “Guide to Parish Life” – indexed for ease of use;
  • all the “Reference Information” – our history and previous activities – is in the sidebar on the right.

Hyperlinks – (Blue underlined addresses or text)

These little devices enable you to jump from one page or website to another – usually where more detailed information can be found , or a blank pre-addressed email will open for your use. However, they often work in different ways , and they may – or may not –  tell you what to do!

Frequently, you just need to “click” on the blue, high-lighted text, and away you go!   Whoopee!

If this doesn’t work,  put the cursor on the blue text,  hold “Ctrl” down, and press “Click”.  Sometime an abbreviated instruction appears to “Ctrl + Click”

If this is not successful, put the cursor on the blue text,”Right Click” to get a drop-down menu, then select “Open Hyperlink”.

AND if that fails you, “Copy” the blue text, and “Paste” in it into your browser (or email!) address box .  And that really is the last resort – as far as I can tell.

Search for Something Specific

If you are looking for something specific, try using the “Search” box at the top right of the screen – it searches the whole site for the words you enter, and presents you with relevant documents to read.

Use of Forms on the website

We do not have the facility for you to complete any  forms “on-line” but you can “Highlight” all or part of the text or form you want; “Copy” it; and then “Paste” it into a document of your own.

Alternatively,  paper copies of the forms are available at the back of the church – or drop me an email and I will send you a copy to print.


Please email the Web Site Editor, Terry O’Brien,  tmob@sapo.pt   :-

  • if you can’t find the information that you want; or
  • if you want a copy of a form to complete; or
  • if you have any news of interest to our parishioners; or
  • if you have any comments or criticisms,  or
  • any suggestions for improving our web site.

Thank you for visiting!

Terry O’Brien,

Website Editor


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