PPC – Minutes of Meeting

St Benet’s Beccles; Parish & PPC AGM

Minutes of Meeting; 18:30, Wednesday 15 September 2021

1.  Those Present
  • Fr Martin Gowman (Parish Priest); Deacon Tony Felton; Linda Last (Chair PPC); Terry O’Brien (Sec’y PPC); Brian Lewis (Chair FFC); Hilda Jackson (Sec’y FFC); Pamela St-Mart (Parish Treasurer) Bernard Segrave-Daly (Stewardship Co-ord); Mike Ellwood (H&S Co-ord and GDPR Co-ord)) Sam Barlow (Head of School); plus members of the FFC and PPC, and 15 other parishioners.
  • 2.  Welcome and Opening Prayer
  • 3.  Apologies for absence
  • Deacon Mike Wells; Tim and Steph Madden; Brigid Rawlinson; Mary Ellwood; Chris Boyes; Paddy & Sally Hardiman.
  • 4.  Minutes of Previous Meeting

    (Circulated with Agenda.)

    1. The minutes of the previous AGM, held on Thursday 16 May 2019 were accepted.
    2. Re the suggestion that the names of the sick be read out in the Bidding Prayers, rather than those “whose anniversaries occur this week”, it was proposed that each week we try including a variety of persons or causes for whom prayers are requested.
  • 5.  PPC Report (Linda Last)
    1. Linda reported that the PPC had met regularly during “Lockdown” usually by “ZOOM”. Minutes of these meetings had been posted on the noticeboards and website.
    2. She welcomed new member Jo Hamer, as well as Mike Ellwood and Bernard Segrave-Daly, both recently appointed to the PPC for their relevant specialist skills, and who would be reporting on H&S and Stewardship later.
    3. Linda acknowledged the efforts of our clergy, supported by the Ushers, Cleaners and Flower Guild, in making it possible for us to maintain our services during “Lockdown”. The role played by our Primary School was also much appreciated, and she looked forward to increasing co-operation in the months ahead.
    4. Clare Valori had also recorded her gratitude to the “support team” at OLPS Gillingham, and especially to Fr M for the provision of Masses – including the 11:00 Mass on “First Fridays”.
    5. The priorities of the PPC for the future were to encourage an increase in attendance at Sunday Masses, with a greater involvement of young people through enhanced school liaison. There would be a need to support Fr M as we develop as a Diocesan Parish, and the role of Stewardship would be essential in this growth. The re-establishment of Parish Social and Fund-raising life was also essential, and meetings to address this were planned for the coming weeks.
    6. There was an important role to be played in Diocesan Laity Committees, and in informal contacts with our friends in Bungay, with whom we shared a lot of history and a similarity of issues.
    7. Linda referred to her PPC Report (copy attached) which showed how our charitable fundraising was still managing to operate in the current demanding circumstances
    8. Fr M thanked Linda for her report and for all the work she was doing for the Parish.
  • 6.  Becoming a Diocesan Parish (Fr Martin)
    1. Fr M pointed out that although we were now effectively a Diocesan Parish, he was still a Benedictine Monk and was part of the Downside Community.
    2. In many ways, we would always be a Benedictine Parish – simply because of our dedication to St Benedict, which would NOT be changing.
    3. However, the Diocese was already taking a greater role in our activities, e.g., Finance; Buildings Maintenance; H&S; Data Protection.
    4. The official change-over would occur when the Parish Bank Accounts changed, probably on 01 January 2022, but there were complicated financial, property and legal matters to be addressed. Those with Standing Orders in favour of the Parish or Downside will be formally notified of the change in bank details in due course.
    5. This could be a good time for more parishioners to consider using the Standing Order facility. It led to a reliable, predictable, and more consistent level of income; it gave simpler and more secure accounting, with no cash to be counted and banked every week. If parishioners were taxpayers, it also allowed for us to claim “Gift Aid”, with the Government adding 25% to the individual’s contribution – at no cost to the parishioner!
  • 7.  Health and Safety (Mike Ellwood)
    1. Mike said that H&S was a long-standing responsibility, as it was a clear duty of every organisation to care for its members, employees, users, and clients.  It also had financial implications, as our insurers would require proof that we – as an organisation – were operating correctly before they would cover us for any claims for loss or injury.
    2. He stressed that H&S did not exist to prohibit any planned activities; rather the aim was to ensure that we carried out ALL activities safely. Every one of us has a personal responsibility to act as required to ensure the safety of ourselves and all others involved.
    3. Fortunately, we are a low-risk activity, with the main hazards being “slips, trips and falls” due to steps, uneven surfaces and items left on floors; and the inherent risk of fire and/or burns from lighted candles.
    4. Our main preventative action was to conduct a “Risk Assessment” for every activity – not as form-filling exercise, but to be able to show that we had considered whether any risks existed and that we had taken appropriate action to address them.
    5. The Diocese recently audited our H&S standards and while a lot of actions have been taken, we were generally lax in the documentation of our procedures and in recording that routine checks had been carried out.
    6. In terms of future action, a meeting was planned for Saturday 18 September, for all those involved in organising any activity, to ensure they understand their responsibilities. For instance, our ushers could have the role of “Fire Marshalls” with responsibility for managing the safe evacuation of the church in the event of an emergency.
    7. Mike also stressed that it was a responsibility of each parishioner to think of the consequences of their actions on others, and to report any omissions or shortfalls in the standards of our operations and events.
  • 8.  GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations (ME)
    1. Mike explained that his first priority had been to address H&S issues and he had only had time to take a brief look at our GDPR procedures.
    2. In the early stages, he had received complaints from some parishioners who felt they were not receiving adequate communications from the parish. On examination, it turned out that the individuals concerned had never supplied their personal details to the parish – by means of the 2018 Census – and/or had never given the parish formal permission to contact them – as required by law.
    3. In summary, his view was that anyone handling data should treat the data as if it were their own information, and ask themselves, “How would I feel if my data was treated like this?” This would be the standard to be applied for all GDPR matters.
  • 9.  Finance and Fabric Committee Report.(BL)
    1. Brian reported on the two-year period since the last AGM, which showed that the reduction in weekly basket collections of £4,000 was being counter-balanced to an extent by an increase in Standing Order and Bank Transfer of donations; the use of Gift Aid on these donations was a further positive factor.
    2. The financial situation was also aided by a recent donation of £5,000 from Downside.
    3. The change to being a Diocesan Parish would require a new set of Parish Bank Accounts. Payments and levies currently paid to Downside would in future be made to the Diocese;  the actual amounts were not yet known.
    4. The new Diocesan Vicar of Finance was taking an increasing interest in the financial affairs of all parishes, seeking to ensure that properly planned and budgeted accounts were produced for all activities.
    5. The Vicar was also determined that parishes preserved their churches and other buildings – again with proper planning and financial provisions for both short-term and long-term maintenance.
    6. On current issues, the repairs to the Hall roof were the most urgent, as water was damaging the fabric of the Church. Responsibility for the cost of this work was accepted by the school/MAT.  The discussions on this, had high-lighted the need for a legal agreement to rationalise the position between the School/MAT and the Parish/Diocese regarding the respective rights and responsibilities regarding the Parish Hall.
    7. Regarding the Church itself, the parish had paid for gullies and drains to be professionally cleared and roof tiling to be    A specialist was employed to repair or replace one badly damaged section of gully; all this had cost c. £3,000
    8. Some damaged stonework urgently needs attention. This was thought to be largely cosmetic but closer professional examination has shown that previous repairs were poorly made, affecting the viability of the joints between adjacent stones and, in the longer term, the structural integrity of the building.  Initial estimates put the cost of this essential remedial work at some £20,000.
    9. Further major expenditure will be required in the near future, to complete all the outstanding maintenance work identified in the previous 5-yearly survey. Our present savings account shows a surplus of c. £56,000 which has been put aside over the years for such work, but clearly, significant fund-raising will be required.  Some help can be expected from Diocesan funds and perhaps from other charitable/historic sources.
    10. The question of applying for “Listed Building” status was in abeyance pending the completion of the transfer to the Diocese, as it would then become the formal owner of the properties.
    11. Fr Martin expressed his thanks to Brian and the FFC for their work; he also paid tribute to Gabriel Doll, both for his work in the grounds and for his prompt action in dealing with a recent potentially serious failure.
  • 10  School and Parish Working Together. (SB)
    1. Sam referred to her School Report – copy attached – and gave us all an insight into how the school was working to return to normality.
    2. The closer co-operation between school and parish was most impressive and was commended by those present. She saw the increased involvement with the “Family Masses“ as a real step forward and was sure to benefit both school and parish.
    3. Further opportunities for collaboration would be welcome.
11.  PPC Constitution (Fr M)
  1. Fr M explained that when the PPC was set up, it was proposed that members be elected for a period of 3 years, with the option of continuing for a further 3 years. Experience had shown that this produced a fairly rapid turnover of members, with a consequent loss of knowledge and expertise.
  2. He therefore proposed that the constitution be altered to allow a parishioner to be elected or appointed to the PPC for a period of 5 years, with the option of serving for a second 5 years
  3. This was proposed by BL; seconded by JH, and carried unanimously, both by all parishioners present, and separately by all the current serving members of the PPC.
  • 12.  PPC Membership (LL)
  1. Linda explained that restrictions of the pandemic had meant that it had been impossible to hold an AGM in 2020. Accordingly, two appointments to the PPC had not been able to be formally ratified.
  2. The recent changes to becoming a Diocesan parish had reinforced a perceived need for additional expertise in terms of Health & Safety and in Data Protection. The recent retirement  of ME from relevant professional employment in these fields meant he was available – and willing – to devote some of his time and expertise to the service of the parish.  Since his retirement, he has already contributed significantly in both of these roles.
  3. In the evolving field of Stewardship, BS-D’s background in accountancy and senior management fitted him to be our Co-ordinator of our parish endeavours to harness the “Time, Talents and Treasure” of more parishioners.
  4. Linda therefore proposed that both ME and BS-D be confirmed as members of the PPC; seconded by BJOB. This proposal was accepted unanimously.
  • 13.  Stewardship (BS-D)
  1. A copy of the paper by BS-D on Stewardship is attached.
  2. Bernard welcomed the initiatives to relaunch the social and fund-raising activities of the parish. He stressed that BL’s explanation of the financial state of the parish added a definite need for concerted action.
  3. He added that as well as TREASURE, it was equally important to harness the TIME and TALENTS of parishioners.
  • 14.  Any Other Business.
  1. It was pointed out that our insurers were likely to reject any claim if it transpired that we failed to adhere to good H&S practices and/or maintenance of our premises; this could have serious financial consequences for the parish.
  2. While the appointment of ME and BS-D to the PPC was very welcome, the continued reluctance of parishioners willing to volunteer to serve the parish should be a cause for concern.
  3. It was suggested that we might be able to obtain grants for maintenance/repair from other funds e.g. for Historic Churches.  It was agreed that all such sources would be approached, but many were restricted to helping “Listed Buildings” only.  Additionally, the Diocese had indicated that “we would not be left on our own” – though this help might take the form of a repayable loan!
  4. It was confirmed that cheques for funds already raised for our local charities would be delivered to them by Fr Martin and PS. Given the limited scope for this fundraising, it was agreed that our local fundraising would be continued for these same three charities – May Centre; Clinks Care Farm; and Waveney Centre.
  5. Arrangements were in hand for the transfer of the role of “Appointed Person for the Registration of Marriages” from Deacon Tony to Tim Madden.
  6. Attention was drawn to the existence of the Beccles Jubilee Fund which can provide funds for the purchase of items such as domestic equipment or mobility aids. Application should be made to the Town Clerk’s Office in the first instance.
  • 15.  Date of Next Meeting
    1. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 18 May 2022 at 19:00 in the Parish Hall.
    2. (Please note the changed time.)
  • 16.  Closing Remarks and Prayer
Terry O’Brien.  Secretary.  20 September 2021

Parish & PPC AGM – 15 September 2021;- Chair’s Report

The PPC has continued to meet via Zoom calls, despite the restrictions of the pandemic.  We were, though, unable to hold an AGM, or elections to the PPC in 2020.

PPC Membership

We did welcome Jo Harmer to the committee but sadly lost two members due to commitments of work and family.

Both Mike Ellwood and Bernard Segrave-Daly have been working with the committee and I hope they will accept their (official) appointments to the committee later in the meeting.

Michael Ellwood as Health and Safety co-ordinator, and  GDPR  coordinator.

Bernard Segrave-Daly to lead the Stewardship campaign.

We will hear from Mike and Bernard later in the meeting.

Parish Life in Lockdown

The Pandemic has affected the Mass attendance and our parish life over the past  two years.  But our community has been active in keeping our church open.  First for private prayer, then opening up to celebrate the Mass.

Our church stewards and the church cleaning team have made this possible by offering their time to ensure that

  • we can be open
  • we abide by the guidelines.

Our wider parish community has been quietly working through this pandemic reaching out to people who have been isolating or isolated.  Delivering newsletter, groceries, phone chats, weekly emails, hospital runs. We thank them on behalf of their recipients, for their kindness.

We also thank the people who have brought a little brightness to the church, flowers both inside and outside, maintaining  the grounds, festive hangings and commemorative displays.

Bubble groups of children came into the church from school to contribute and engage with the commemorative displays by adding names and poems.

Our catechists continued with their commitments and going forward we have had a number of enquiries for First Holy Communion.

The Diocese’s Council of Laity meetings were stopped due to the pandemic but will be restarting towards the end of this year (November) a representative from the PPC will be invited attend.

OLPS Gillingham

I am including in my report this note from Clare Valori on Gillingham Church

‘OLPS continues to have Mass at 8am on Sundays as well as at 11am on occasional Fridays.

With the easing of Covid restrictions, the furniture in the church has returned to normal with a single central aisle.

Attendees have returned in rather reduced numbers from March 2019.   Several parishioners have taken to supporting the collections by BACS or by Standing Order.

We are all grateful to Fr Martin for his continued generous work as our Parish Priest.

We appreciate Peter Williams work as Sacristan – following Larry Peck’s retirement.

We are grateful to Susan Basey Fisher for her contribution to cleaning and care of OLPS

Thanks to Charlotte Valori for her work on the OLPS website and developing a digital map of the graveyard. Charlotte would be pleased to add obituaries or family stories  for those buried in OLPS to make this record relevant and interesting for the future.

We hope that the parish management changes will go on smoothly and will not affect OLPS adversely.’

PPC Priorities for the Future 

PPC going forward will be giving focus to:

  1. Increasing attendance at Mass, family Masses, bring the youth into the church.
  2. Enhancing and expanding the relationship with the School
  3. Through stewardship encouraging parishioners to volunteer their talents and time to expand the range of roles in the parish
  4. Restarting the social life of the parish
  5. Understanding our role and responsibilities within the Diocese

We are entering a new phase in the life of the Parish, moving from being part of Downside to becoming a full member of the Diocese of East Anglia.

Friendship and Care, Building a thriving, inclusive parish community, and Living out The Lord’s message is our way forward.

Charity Groups Continued Their Work During The Pandemic

The Congo School for Peace

A summary of the charity’s activities since the last AGM

  • The school in Southern Congo is maintained through our fund-raising and sponsorship of children. Many teachers are not paid, so the money we send is spread very thinly. There are now over 1000 children at the school and four of the sponsored children are now at university. The sisters who run the school are very grateful for our help. They also have a vital medical centre which we have helped to complete.
  • To raise money over the last two years we have had sales of bric-a-brac, crafts and other items; auctions; an Italian supper and more recently a garden party.
  • We produce regular newsletters and have regular support meetings. We are looking for new members if anyone would like to join us to find out more about the project or to help us with fund-raising.
  • Our next event will be the AGM on Thursday 14th of October at 7pm at Beccles Library.

Charity Stalls

We hold these in Beccles Market in aid of local charities, but they were put on hold during the pandemic.  They will be starting again next year.  The charities supported will again be Clink Farm, Waveney Centre and the May Centre. Pam Storey along with Fr Martin will be visiting these charities to present the cheques from 2019 fund-raising.

Mary’s Meal continued with the jam jar collections thanks to Helen Hemmings.  Mary’s Meals now reach over 2 million children who are in desperate need for food.

MISSIO – The Red Boxes These continue to be well supported, though I (Linda L) find it hard to get any coins.  (With this cashless spending, none are dropping down the chair from hubby’s pockets.)

Second Collections The parish continue to support a number of charities and organisation, such as CAFOD, Family Fast Days, Seamen’s Missions, Priest Training etc.  Unfortunately, with the use of cashless payments, people do not have access to ready change in their pockets.

Linda Last

Chair of PPC;  15 September 2021

Parish & PPC AGM; 15 September 2021

St Benet’s Primary School Report.

As a school we are looking to get back on track post lockdown, including returning to normal school days and coming together as a school community.

Identifying the learning needs of the children is a priority and putting in place support for both academic and pastoral areas. We have a family support worker who works with our most vulnerable families and a therapy dog that comes in every two weeks.

We are starting work with the Beccles Forest school to offer school sessions for Reception and KS1 each week.

We are ensuring we are prepared for imminent Ofsted inspection, through the development of our curriculum provision, sound teaching and learning model, and ongoing professional development of staff to support this and Section 48 RE inspection which we will work closely to monitor with our RE governor Mary Ellwood.

We have updated all classrooms with decorating and carpeting and the school playground has been resurfaced.

Our Mini Vinnie group has started meeting again with a large cohort this year, keen to fund-raise and do charitable work. We are looking to work with St Edmund’s and CAFOD on the Live Simply award.

We are excited to embark on the lingua-marque accreditation for Spanish teaching in our school and the development of a diverse and inter-cultural understanding for our children. We hope to culminate this in summer with an inter-cultural festival.

I am starting to work across the MAT as Primary Teaching and Learning Lead to support other schools in their development; this will initially be one day a week.

Sam Barlow.

Executive Head


Presentation to St Benet’s Parish AGM 15 Sept 2021.

As we come out of lockdown, we are invited by Fr Martin to take a good look at our parish, the way we do things, the things we could do better, and how we invite all parishioners to contribute their time, talents and skills to build up our worship, our activities and management.

Stewardship is not the same as stewarding, it is not about money, but that needs consideration too, It is about Recognising ourselves as Christians in general and Catholics in Particular.

We are no longer a “Downside Parish”, we are on our own as a Diocesan Parish

Under the Church’s definition of Stewardship, we are invited to strive to have a life of Gratitude for the Gifts God has given us.

It is also about tending to our gifts in an accountable and responsible manner.

More importantly it is about “Sharing those gifts with others and returning a meaningful proportion of them back to the Lord”.

A few years ago, we carried out a Census of all our parishioners inviting them to tell about their many talents, skills, life-involvements and experience; it was not a success, as only a very small percentage  responded to that specific request in the survey.

We are not trying to make anyone feel guilty about this! We hope that soon we will be returning to “normal”, so that we can develop a more social aspect to our parish life. We hope to work with Fr Martin to unburden him of some of the excess workload he has to carry.

Many new Burdens on our Parish

In the past year we have been inundated with considerable new work by the enforcement of laws covering Health and Safety, Property maintenance, electrical and asbestos surveys, risk assessments, Insurance cover for our properties and public liability.

Now we have huge onerous new requirements under the Data Protection Act and the GDPR as well as child protection practice, all need to be reviewed and up dated regularly.

When it comes to finance, we have some very large elements of expenditure on the fabric of the Church and the Parish Hall as well as the grounds.

Under the heading of Finance, we are now budgeting to cover all known liabilities as well as facing up to the unforeseen possibilities that might hit us.

Four years ago, we agreed to raise £44,000 Under Alive in Faith) to get the Diocese funding of its issues in order. That will come to an End in 2022. It might be the opportunity to transfer some of that giving to safeguard the Parish against future liabilities.  Keeping the parish financial records could be considerably eased for our treasurer if the weekly collection could be made by Monthly Standing Order direct from our bank accounts. We will arrange for as many parishioners to sign Gift Aid  and Standing Orders costing Donors no more, but claiming the Tax you have paid to come to the Parish (last year the Parish reclaimed £3,500) if more parishioners joined, we can claim even more from the Government!

In his letter to our Parishioners Fr Martin will be telling us that  ”As we emerge gradually from lock-down there is plenty to stimulate our prayers, thoughts and initiatives, when it comes to supporting one another and rebuilding our community life. May this time be an opportunity, a new beginning, and fresh hopes for the future .

The primary Purpose of Stewardship is to honour God and work together to build up our Church and its Community

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this and any comments on my notes of 16th August.
Bernard Segrave-Daly.

St Benet’s Beccles; Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

St Benet’s Beccles; Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

Minutes of Meeting; 18:30; Thursday 22 July  2021

  • Welcome and Opening Prayer.
  • Those Present: Linda Last (Chair); Terry O’Brien (Sec’y); Fr Martin; Deacon Tony; Jo Hamer; Brian Lewis; Tim and Steph Madden; Chris Scott; Pam Storey. Mike Ellwood (H&S Co-Ord). attended part-time
  • Apologies for absence: Sam Barlow; Brigid Rawlinson; Bernard Segrave-Daly; Mike Wells; Sue Workman.
  • Minutes of Previous Meeting. (Circulated with Agenda.)
    1. The minutes of the meeting on Thursday 15 April were accepted.
  • Matters Arising
    1. There were no matters arising not covered in the agenda.
  • Health and Safety (ME)
    1. Having just taken on the role of H&S Co-ordinator, Mike reported he had conducted a full survey of the parish procedures and administration. While there was an understanding that some of the tests had been carried out, there was no legal record of them.  Some procedures were missing, and few risk assessments had been documented in the required fashion. A full “Fire Risk Assessment” had now been completed by ME.
    2. The most important failing was the lack of documentation of any checks being carried out on Contractors’ competence and that appropriate insurance cover was held. This failure could put the parish at financial risk in the event of an accident to people or property.
    3. A survey of electrical wiring and systems, and the testing of portable appliances was in progress. Other matters to be addressed were the need for a) a documented asbestos survey b) re-routing of a gas pipe running across the boiler house steps and c) erection of a central handrail to the St Mary’s Road steps.
    4. A further need was for the provision of personnel trained to deal with any likely emergencies – e.g., fire, flood, or accident; this could be a role for the parish team of stewards
    5. Mike pointed out that the Church was not a “high-risk” property, but it was still important that all routine activities should be assessed for the risks involved, and for safe practices to be established for their conduct.
    6. It is proposed to hold a “H & S Awareness Day” for all Group Leaders
  • Data Protection Act and GDPR (ME)
    1. The fact that individual’s religious adherence and commitments were involved in some of the data, made our GDPR a “Sensitive Issue” As ME is both  the H & S and GDPR Co-ordinator, it is proposed to hold any review of our DP procedures in abeyance until the H&S issues were resolved.
    2. However, it was already clear that all personal data should be centralised in the Parish Office and kept in secure storage.
    3. Individuals’ phone numbers held by activity leaders, would not be affected.
  • Finance and Fabric Committee Report.(BL)
    1. A reduction in weekly basket collections was being counter-balanced by an increase in Standing Order donations.
    2. Confusion was caused by the reporting of OLPS basket collections separately; these would probably be combined in future.
    3. The change to being a Diocesan Parish would require a new set of Parish Bank Accounts. Payments and levies currently paid to Downside would in future be made to the Diocese;  the actual amounts were not yet known
    4. The tree work was delayed as a larger than expected brace was required.
    5. The repairs to the Hall roof were the most urgent, as water was entering the fabric of the Church. Responsibility for the cost of this work was accepted by the school/MAT.
    6. On the Church, gullies and drains were being cleared and  roof tiling repaired.   A specialist was being employed to repair or replace one badly damaged section of gully.
    7. Stonework damage is largely cosmetic rather than structural.
    8. For the future, major expenditure will be required to complete all the outstanding maintenance work required.
    9. A legal agreement is required to rationalise the position regarding the rights to, and responsibilities for, the Parish Hall and its use by the School/MAT.
    10. The question of applying for “Listed Building” status was in abeyance pending the completion of the transfer to the Diocese, as they would then become the owner of the property.
  • School and Parish Working Together.
    1. The School Report circulated before the meeting was welcomed.
    2. The closer co-operation between school and parish was most impressive and was to be commended.
    3. Further opportunities for collaboration would be welcome.
    4. Anyone interested in obtaining a DBS check, to enable them to assist in the school, should contact Bernadette Starak in the first instance.
    5. The possibility of using the School Wi-Fi (in the Hall, in the evenings, by the Parish Computer Group) would be investigated.
  • Parish Life.
    1. The primary need, post pandemic, is to get our “Spiritual Life” back on track after the limitations of lockdown. This would require us to re-engage with all parishioners
    2. The “Stewardship” initiative, to be headed by Bernard Segrave-Daly, will play a major part in the way ahead, as we work together on a common aim.
    3. A number of new social activities have been proposed – with volunteers to co-ordinate them. It was agreed that they should start after the AGM
    4. It is intended that the new Tuesday Social Group should meet in St Anthony’s Chapel to avoid intruding on Fr Martin’s home.
    5. We must encourage more parishioners to come forward with their own ideas of what they want – and, ideally, offer to help put them into practice.
  • Stewardship
  1. The report from B.S. was welcomed.
  2. It was agreed that this Programme should be launched in Autumn, ideally at the AGM.
  • Parish AGM
    1. The Parish AGM will be on Wednesday 15 September at 18:30
    2. It will be a primarily social event, with Wine, Tea, Coffee & Light Refreshments.
    3. We could use the event to decide which Charities we would support in future  It is proposed that this choice should be for a longer period, to build a relationship with the charities concerned and give them a more stable income.
    4. There will be some “business” to be conducted – Approval of the Accounts; Approval of the Change in Term of Service on PPC;  Launch of Stewardship.
    5. Other suggestions for the “SOCIAL“ aspects would be welcome.
    6. Post the meeting, it was agreed that the presentation of funds already raised for our local adopted charities – May Centre; Clinks Farm; Waveney Centre – should be arranged as soon as possible.
  • Any Other Business.
    1. Removal of Covid Legislation. It was agreed that given the anxiety of a number of parishioners the “safe capacity” of the Church should remain at 80, with flexibility where families or bubbles were seated together.
    2. In addition, we would take a careful approach to the relaxation of our other procedures.
  • Date of Next Meeting
    1. The next meeting will be on Thursday 21 October at 18:30 in the Parish Hall.
  • Closing Remarks and Prayer


Terry O’Brien.  Secretary.  26 July 2021


  • Items Omitted from Any Other Business
  1. Wedding Ceremonies The conduct of Wedding Ceremonies now requires the preparation of a Risk Assessment for the actual church ceremony. This is in hand – in liaison with ME.
  2. Funds Available for the Needy in Beccles Attention was drawn to the existence of the Beccles Jubilee Fund which can provide funds for the purchase of items such as domestic equipment or mobility aids.  Contact the Town Clerk’s Office in the first instance.


Terry O’Brien.  Secretary.  27 July 2021


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