Parish Pastoral Council – Meeting 19 July 2018

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting. – 19 July 2018.


Present:                       Chris Boyes (Secretary)                              Tim Madden

Rev. Tony Felton                                          Pam Storey

Fr. Martin Gowman                                    Sue Workman

Linda Last                                                     Brian Lewis (Chair)

The meeting opened with a prayer at 6.30pm.

Apologies were received from Imogen Keiley, Steph Madden and Chris Scott.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:

There is now a printer/photocopier in the sacristy.

The 6pm ‘Ignite’ service on 1st of July conducted by Fr Luke was considered a great success and the atmosphere was just right.  It is hoped that it might be repeated at a 10.30 family mass.

Disabled Access and the Meeting Room have not been put on this agenda as they are due to be discussed by the Finance & Fabric Committee on 26th July.

1.0.       Data Protection (GDPR) & The Parish Database.

The Diocese have sent out a letter for the parish to circulate asking parishioners to give their consent to being contacted, in line with the new GDP regulations.  This could tie in well with the need to conduct a census of the parish to update our own records, as it is many years now since one was done.  The questions on our census would be in line with the form included in the Parish Handbook for new parishioners.  There would be no confidential or financial matters (like Gift Aid) included and the resulting information in the form particularly of names and addresses would be used solely to keep in contact with parishioners.

It was proposed that a short statement on GDPR and the reasons for our census should accompany the Diocesan form.  These can be issued to parishioners around Christmas time to link in with the Renewal programme and the Holy Family’s census in Jerusalem.  It is likely that many people will not bother to fill in the form and it may require a more personal approach to those who do not reply.

 2.0.       Parish Renewal – The Way Forward.

The ‘meeting by name’ masses were much appreciated with people moving around the church to introduce themselves to their neighbours.

Those that attended Rebecca Bretherton’s meeting left feeling very enthused by her words.

We will continue to follow the Renewal programme as outlined in the letter sent to members of this committee with ideas coming from the Catholic Faith Evangelisation Organisation.

3.0.       Catechists & The Sacraments.

The 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation classes are continuing.  There are 10 candidates for 1st Holy Communion and 12 for Confirmation.  The Confirmation service will be in the evening of Friday October 5th.

It was confirmed that there will be no Children’s Liturgy over the summer holidays but it will recommence on the 2nd Sunday of September.

4.0.       School Report.

A report on the school’s activities was read out at the meeting

5.0.       Social & Charities.

£232 was raised on the last market stall, there will be an Italian Evening on Saturday with possibly a Quiz Night later in the year.

Joint fundraising has been discussed with the school for a shared defibrillator and the PTA have suggested that it should be positioned prominently on the corner of the church facing St Mary’s Road. Some people have suggested that it should be in the town centre however, the general feeling at the meeting was that it should be placed on the church.

The Suffolk Historic Churches Trust ‘Ride & Stride’ will take place on 8th September.  Last year £200 was raised for church funds.

6.0.       Any Other Business.

There are now only 3 families attending Children’s Liturgy and we need to encourage more to come.  It was suggested that perhaps the Ushers might indicate to parents that it is available in the hall.

7.0.       Date of the Next Meeting.

Thursday 18th October at 7.0pm.  This will be a combined PPC AGM and Parish Annual Meeting.