Parish Management

As well as looking after our spiritual well-being and developing the pastoral life of the parish, the Priest has significant responsibilities for the financial management of the Parish and for the preservation of its physical assets – the buildings and grounds.

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The members of the Fabric and Finance Committee help by keeping a strategic overview and advising on all financial proceedings.



The Treasurer, keeps track of all the receipts and expenditures and ensures we meet our liabilities to the Diocese, Downside Abbey and the beneficiaries of the Second Collections.



gift-aid-coins-720x250The Gift Aid Coordinator, encourages participation in the Gift Aid scheme and processes reclaims of tax already paid.  This gives a very beneficial increase in the income of the parish and we ask you to click here to read the separate page for details.



The Collection Stewards and Counters, help the Treasurer to keep a finger on the financial pulse.



Repository -st-benedict-productsThe Repository Manager runs a small shop after 10:30 Mass, selling books, cards and other religious articles.  This provides a service to parishioners and helps parish funds.

Please click here to see the Repository Poster.



For communicating with parishioners, we have our Newsletter Editor.


And, for those who are “on-line” the Web Site Editor helps keep them up-to-date.



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