Liturgy Support

Liturgy Support

Many parishioners participate in a wide range of activities which contribute to the Celebration of the Liturgy. Sunday Mass is at the heart of Parish Life and it is here that the contributions made through our various ministries are most visible.

The Choir leads us in singing the liturgy at 10:30 Mass, and supports our devotions with a selection of well-known and much-loved hymns.


We have a Family Liturgy on the 1st Sunday of each month.  With their own choir and musical style, they involve our young people in the readings and the offertory procession.


The Children’s Liturgy group works with children up to First Communion age, (7 to 8 years) on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays each month.  The leaders help their understanding of the readings, (in a style and setting appropriate to their needs) as well as giving them a role at the Offertory procession.

The Sacristan and Altar Servers, whose preparation, regular attendance and attention on the altar, supports the quiet dignity of our services.

The Sermon on the Mount Carl Bloch, 1890


The Readers at the Liturgy of he Word help us to focus on the passages of scripture appointed for that day.


The Ministers of the Eucharist, reverently assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass – and some can help the Clergy in taking the Eucharist to any house-bound parishioners.  Our Visitors Group also help to maintain contact with those unable to attend Mass.


GretingThe Ushers – performing the Ministry of Welcome – are our “Meeters and Greeters”.  As they are often the first point of contact for visitors or newcomers, it is an important ministry.


After Mass, the “Tea and Coffee Teams” provide an opportunity for us to build our parish community.  We can establish friendships with other parishioners and welcome newcomers and visitors to St Benet’s.


Meeting 9

The members of the Parish Pastoral Council co-ordinate these activities and they welcome ideas and suggestions from all parishioners.



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