2020/21 Covid-19


At the time of writing, March 2022, we appear to be moving on to the stage of “Learning to live with Covid”, and we can but hope that we are over the worst of the pandemic.

We are sure that the whole history of the COVID Pandemic will be adequately documented in other sources, but we feel we should record some of the key impacts it had on us as a parish; some relevant documents are attached – see the menu on the side-bar.

The Deceased Are Still Mourned

First and foremost we record the names of the parishioners whose deaths were recorded during the pandemic.

  • Some died directly because of infection with the virus.
  • Others died because an under-lying condition was worsened by the virus.
  • In some cases, the body was so weakened by the virus that they succumned to their under-lying illness.
  • There were some whose death was not in any way attributal to the virus – but the restrictions, imposed by the government to try to limit the spread of the virus, made it impossible for the bereaved family and friends to mourn as they would have wanted.

We now make a special effort to remember them all, and to pray that they are having their just reward with our Heavenly Father. 

The Prayers That Helped

A number of organisations produced spiritual resources to help us to cope with the pandemic, and to give us a vehicle to ask for help for ourselves, for our families and for our friends. 

Some of the prayers – which we found particularly helpful – are recorded here.  We extend our grateful thanks to the originators – and apologise as their names were rarely published, and we are unable to thank them personally.

Parishioner Response

Over the period of the pandemic – the best part of two years – there were many acts of kindness and consideration shown to those isolated, or screening from any contacts.  In addition, there were many parishionerswho stepped in to provide the additional cleaning, security and administrative tasks required to keep our church open and safe for our (often amended!) worship – or even just to provide the facility of feeling closer to God, while praying in times of personal loss or trauma.

One sample sheet is attached to demonstrate the ways in which people went out of their way to help others.  We know there were many others, – led selflessly and without fuss by our priest and deacons.

“Thank you, all of you.”


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