The God Who Speaks

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01 March – “A Reader Writes”

The paragraphs on the Sunday readings (see the weekly “News and Notices”) are now contributed to the Newsletter by those who read at Mass week-by-week.God Who Speaks

During the current year (Year of the Word: ‘God who Speaks’) we aim to reflect more deeply upon the content and message of the Bible.

The authors of these short notes find it stimulating to think through the full meaning of all the readings used for that Sunday’s Masses – and then reduce this to 100 words (OK 150 is more realistic!)  Our parishioners will often experience a point of view (and perhaps style) that may be different to what they have come to expect!  Either way, it should stimulate some thought.

If anyone else would like to take part – for example, as a ‘reader’ or ‘writer’ or “both”!  – please get in touch with Fr Martin.


25 January – Good News 

God Who SpeaksAmong the many resources being made available for discovery of the Bible this year, a new website run by Fr Adrian Graffy of the Pontifical Biblical Commission – – is recommended.

It contains plenty of useful material (like our own website!) and is a place we are being encouraged to visit. 


01 January – The God Who Speaks – “The Year of the Word”

God Who Speaks

This initiative by the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW) started on the First Sunday of Advent and runs for the coming 12 months.  It has the aim of increasing our knowledge and understanding of the Bible and its role in our faith and in our worship.

In St Benet’s, our involvement will be led by our Prayer Group and our Discussion Group.  We encourage all parishioners to take the opportunity to learn more about the Bible and there will be a number of events promoting this within the Parish in the coiming year.

Below is the address for the website of the CBCEW, with a major section focussed on “The God Who Speaks”.

Our own Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA) has posted a full copy of the Brochure on its own website.  Again, the address is below. 

Please have a look and, perhaps, download and print out your own copy of the brochure for future reference. 

The “Pull Out” poster in the centre pages is particularly interesting!


This notice will remain on the Website throughout the year, as an on-going source of reference.  A copy will also be posted on our “Links” page.