St Benet’s Scripture Circle

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St Benet’s Scripture Circle

Wednesday 29th September at 7:30 pm;

Online Meeting 

Led by Peter Harvey, we’ll be looking at a short passage – Exodus 3: 13-17 – entitled ‘The Revelation of the Name of God at the Burning Bush’

Zoom co-ordinates for the meeting are as follows: Meeting ID = 830 7047 0962; Passcode = 876501. 

If you’d like to receive the ‘invite link’, enabling you to join the meeting without typing out those codes, please just send Fr Martin an email & he’ll let you have the link by return.


Additional Resources 

The new Catholic Biblical Federation (website: and offer plenty of material encouraging us to engage with the Bible from different points of view. 

St Benet’s Scripture Circle: Introduction

This initiative came about as part of “The Year of the Word – The God Who Speaks” which was introduced for 2020. It has since been extended and full details can be found and the Catholic Biblical Federation:

ReadingThe St Benet’s Scripture Circle was conceived primarily for those who read at Sunday Mass in St Benet’s (Beccles), but is now open to all, as part of the current stimulus from Pope Francis, to persuade us to study the Bible. 

The Scripture Circle will focus upon particular Sunday Mass readings as starting-points for seeking deeper knowledge and understanding of the Bible. 

God who speaks 2It is hoped that online sessions – such as this one – will develop into regular meetings, enabling participants to read the Bible prayerfully and to respond to the message of the Bible as heard in the readings from the Lectionary at Mass, week-by-week and day-by-day. 

For any further details, please contact:


 The God Who Speaks – “The Year of the Word”

God who Speaks 4

This initiative has the aim of increasing our knowledge and understanding of the Bible and its role in our faith and in our worship.

 We encourage all parishioners to take the opportunity to learn more about the Bible and there will be a number of events promoting this within the Parish in the coiming year.

Below is the address for the website of the CBCEW, with a major section focussed on “The God Who Speaks”.

Our own Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA) has posted a full copy of the Brochure on its own website.  Again, the address is below. 

Please have a look and, perhaps, download and print out your own copy of the brochure for future reference. 

The “Pull Out” poster in the centre pages is particularly interesting!