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This new page is intended to act as an “Information Exchange” to help parishioners find out about the various sources of advice and practical help that would be useful in case of need, and also of warmth and company when winter really sets in.

The initial information was supplied by Linda Last – Many thanks, Linda!    If you find out about any other sources of help or assistance please share them with the rest of the parish.  Just drop a note to the Website and Newsletter Editor, by email to or call mobile 07504 962 368 or landline 01502 390 961.

The note below is based on a summary from an earlier PPC meeting.

First of all, we encourage those with difficulties to seek help and advice as early as possible;  the sooner you ask for help, the sooner you start to deal with the problem.

We have identified the following sources of help available to any parishioner:-

  • Central Government at 
  • Regional and District Council support funds (see below);
  • The Town Council Jubilee Fund;  Contact the Town Clerk’s Office;
  • Citizens Advice Bureau; tel.  01502 518 510
  • Parishioners’ own Fuel Suppliers may help by phasing payments or changing tariffs;
  • Banks and Credit Card companies may help with consolidation of debts.

 We have our own (limited!) “St Mary’s Hardship Fund”, and the Parish Priest can also make referral to the Diocesan “St Edmund’s Fund” for assistance for a specific need.

Ideally, it was felt that we, as a parish, should have a single “point of contact”, who can give accurate advice to those in need.  Is there a volunteer with some knowledge in this field who could co-ordinate the production of this information?

Please note that the most recent additions to the “Data Bank” below, are added at the top.

07 December

Christians Against Poverty; East Suffolk

Editor’s Note.

This email is looking to recruit some additional “befrienders” who can help those struggling with their finances.  However – it also alerts us to the existence of another service which could help YOU, if you are having difficulty in the present crisis. 

I am sure that an email to Canon Rich (see below) will be directed to someone who can help.

Canon Rich’s request for “Befrienders”

We are supporting a number of local Beccles people at present.

CAP are looking for befrienders to come alongside the clients in an encouraging way. A small amount of training will be given.

If you need more information please get in touch with Canon Rich Henderson

22 November

This poster gives you the email of a valuable contact in East Suffolk Council

COL Information


12 November

These web sites have been reported to be helpful.   Many thanks, Kathy

East Suffolk Council –                              –

Citizens Advice Bureau  –                           –

British Gas – help with fuel bills –           –

Regards,  Kathy 

08 November

Cental Government Assistance and Advice

Click on the blue title above to view guidance on the extra payment(s) you will receive automatically, if you’re entitled to certain benefits or tax credits.

07 September

Cost of Living Support Advice – Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council have published a booklet of the “Cost of Living Support Advice” that can be viewed by the following link:

Further advice and guidance around the subject can be found at:

05 September

East Suffolk Council – Beccles Warm Rooms

NB The email addresses on the copies of the cards shown below are not very clear.   They all have – @ – before  “” 

 E.G.  For help or advice about “Cost of Living” (col), use email address

Or for information on “Beccles Comfort Food”, email


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