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This Week’s Masses and Other Services

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We have learned the hard way that having two versions of the same information on different pages, is a recipe for confusion!  If you want to find the times of all this week’s Masses and Services, as well as social and admin activities,  just click here to view the Parish Diary in the Newsletter for the Current Week.


The Readings for TODAY and the coming week

Are you missing the Missalettes?  This is a new service – linking to the Universalis website – where you will find all the readings for the day’s  Mass.

Universalis Mass Readings

For the readings for today, the Day/Date/Feast shown, just click on the yellow “Universalis” banner above.

This “Universalis” web page also shows (on the right-hand side-bar), links to the readings for yesterday, and for the week ahead.

It is free to use, and we hope you find it useful.

Mass Intentions

Anyone wishing to have a Mass said for a personal intention, should print and complete the “Mass Intention Request Form” available via this link.  This form is also available at the back of the church.  Please send the completed form, with the appropriate stipend, to the Parish Secretary.

Please note that as we currently do not have  a resident Parish Priest, we have only two Masses each week to allocate for individual. Intentions, and the procedure is now as follows.

  1. In fairness to our three priests, they do not know of the reservations already made and cannot commit to any individual request, for either of our churches.
  2. Every request for a Mass for personal intentions MUST be made on the relevant form, sent to the Parish Secretary at the Presbytery; (For queries, tel 07874 658 653 or email  to
  3. If your date/time is taken, you can ask if the Mass can be said by Fr Mike at Bungay.
  4. Alternatively, any parish in our Deanery, e.g. Lowestoft, Southwold, Poringland, Gorleston or Great Yarmouth, may be able to help; phone numbers are available on request.
  5. Fr Martin, now at the Congregation of St Gregory (but using his old e email and phone number), may also be able to oblige.
  6. If none of these is possible, Karen may investigate “sharing” the Mass with the reservation holder.
  7. Any “sharing” will require the agreement of both parties; the principle is “first come, first served”.
  8. No more than two “Intentions” can be accepted for any Mass.
  9. Only one Stipend is payable for a Mass; the applicants can arrange this how they wish.

“Live Streamed” Mass

We are also invited to participate in services streamed on the internet:-

from Walsingham

or St John’s Cathedral

You can make your choice  from a range of churches to be found on

The website provides the texts for the current week.

Private Prayer is Possible in the Church

The Church is open from 08:45 until dusk each day,

for Private Prayer, Reflection or Meditation –

or just to enjoy some peace and quiet in the company of Our Lord.

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