Newsletter for w/c 22 January 2023



Time Service or Event

                                            Mass intentions

Sun. 29th January;

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time; Yr A; Acclamation 2;

2nd Collection next Sunday  5 Feb; Racial Justice



Mass; OLPS                      Theresa Williams

Mass; St Benet’s             People of the Parish

Wed. 1st February
09:30 Rosary
Thu 2nd February;

The Presentation of the Lord. “Candlemas”


Meeting of PPC in the Hall

Fri. 3rd February
11:00 Mass; St B; Fr Stephen.  Beryl Alice Mutty†
Sun.5th February;

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time; Yr A; Acclamation 3;

Racial Justice  Day ;  Second  Collection for the

Catholic Association for Racial Justice



Mass; OLPS                Herbert† & Delia† Mair                           

Mass; St Benet’s       People of the Parish

 Prayer Requests_ We are asked to remember in our prayers: –

 – those who are sick

Mary Banns, Philip Barrett, Patricia Bath, Minnie Bartholomew, Jackie Bowler, Steven Brooks, Muriel Bryant, Theresa Chalmers, Ellen Clark, Bill Corley, John Ellwood, Christine Felton, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Sue Kerr, Alasdair Kirkpatrick, Jo Lewis, Tanya Maloy, Barbara O’Brien, Michael Osborne, Elizabeth Page, Larry Peck, Josephine Pollard, Ginny Quinn, Kathryn Robinson, Simon Smith, Rosemary Topham, Bill Weddle, Jamie Whittenbury,

– those whose anniversaries occur this week:

30th  Vincent Ellwood.

31st  Alan Cook.

1st  Frederick Owers.

2nd  Molly  Button;  Kathleen  Pipe;  Mary Kenyon;  Alice Bennett;  Martha  King.

3rd  George  Staff;  Welcome Plummer;  Alice Keable.

4th  Geoffrey Carroll;  Phyllis  Pratt;  Sydney Webber

– those who are recently deceased and their bereaved family and friends:

– and all those who ask for the support of our Prayers.


Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) ;                                             

A Reflection by Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB

In Matthew’s Gospel these eight blessings stand at the head of the Sermon on the Mount, pointing out eight ways in which we can welcome God into our lives. They are ways of living out God’s blessing.  The first and the last knit them all together with the phrase ‘theirs is the kingdom of heaven’.

In today’s Gospel, Luke also begins his Sermon on the Plain with four such blessings – only his blessings focus more on those who are materially poor and in need, whereas Matthew’s concentrate on the spiritual attitudes required of the Christian, ‘poor in spirit, hunger and thirst for justice’.

Jesus came to proclaim the kingship of his Father, and these are ways of living it.  For each beatitude, do you know someone who exemplifies the attitude? Which is your own favourite? For most of them, there are gospel incidents in which Jesus illustrates how to live out the beatitude –

  • like the entry into Jerusalem on a donkey as the gentle king,
  • or the love he shows in his welcome to sinners,
  • or his bringing peace to those tortured by disease or contempt,
  • or his purity of heart in his single-minded pre-occupation with his Father’s will,
  • or finally his acceptance of persecution for what he knew to be right.
Which of these qualities would you like to have more  of?                                               
Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB

Priest’s Notes (and Absence)

AbsenceAs Fr. Mike will be away for the coming 5 weekdays, Fr Stephen will celebrate 11:00 Mass on Friday.

In a  “SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY” contact Fr Andrew, Poringland or Fr Christopher in Southwold.

Fr Mike has asked us all to accept that the commitment from Bishop Alan to “try to find us a Parish priest in the New Year” could not be guaranteed success – especially if it involved a priest from a foreign country or from another diocese.  Bishop Peter now has our need clearly in his in-tray – so we must be patient and support him with our prayers.  Sadly, we must accept that there is no likely candidate “waiting in the wings!”

Meanwhile, Fr Mike feels the parish is working well and he paid tribute to all the unsung heroes (and heroines) who help the parish to function – often working  un-noticed in the background. “Thank you all!”


The Presentation of the Lord  (Candlemas)  2nd February

PresentationJust as a reminder,  on this day, 40 days after the Nativity, we read of Mary and joseph following the law of Moses and taking their first-born to the Temple in Jerusalem for presentation to the Lord.  We also read of the faith of Simeon and Anna, who alone recognise Jesus for who he is – truly the Messiah who has been promised to Israel in the Old Testament – and who now begins the journey that will become the New Testament.

Candlemas Traditionally, the service of the Blessing of Candles also takes place today.


 Holy Communion for the Housebound

  (From Bernard Segrave-Daly)

S of SickParishioners who are housebound or unwell may arrange to have Holy Communion brought to them at their home or in Hospital.

Please telephone Bernard on 01502 218912 or 07393 709083.

The Parish has three active Eucharistic Ministers, and we could use a few more.

Christians Together in Beccles – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

(From Bernard Segrave-Daly)

christian-unity (794x800)We had a very successful  event last week, with on average, four members of our Church at each Service. The United Service at URC Hungate on Sunday had an interesting topic- “Injustice” and what to do about it!

Next Meeting “Preparation for Easter”. 14 March at St Luke’s,  “The Walk of Witness” through the town, from each Church.

Mary’s Meals Christmas Appeal –“Double the Love” – A GREAT RESULT!    

(From Helen Hemming)

Mary's Meals 4“A huge thank you everyone for your amazing generosity. On your behalf I have sent £2,500 to Mary’s Meals, in time to qualify for Double the Love. And £1,300 of this total will qualify for Gift Aid, enabling them to feed many more children. In these difficult times you have raised our highest total and St Benet’s will feed 300 children for a school year. Thank You again.”

Possible Relocation of the Repository to the Porch    

(From Terry O’Brien)

We regret that there has been some confusion about this project, but  we can now consider a firm proposal from the Repository Manager, (TMOB). The aim is to avoid unnecessary work and handling of goods and co-incidentally improve the service we give. There will be no cost to the parish for these units.

The proposal is for 2 matching units  each 1.40 mtr by 0.56m.  This is 4ft 7 ins by 1ft 10 ins – smaller than the (6ft x 2ft) tables that have been there since December, with no congestion caused for entry or exit.  Cabinets cartoak1200DRAWERLINED

(The photo is of a 1.0 mtr unit; a sample door is in the porch.

Each unit has 3 cupboards and 3 shallow drawers, all lockable, and have hinged furniture-grade timber lids, to give “top-access” to the displays in the drawers.  To see  this range of units, go to  Luxury Shaker Oak Kitchen Units – Kitchen Warehouse UK   and scroll  down.

Note that nothing will be ordered until the PPC  have agreed what action to recommend to Fr Mike (We meet 02 Feb).  If you have any queries about these proposals, please feel free to contact me.  Terry.

Some Reminders from Earlier Newsletters.

Rosary 2Rosary Group

Our Rosary Group meet every Wednesday at 09:30 in St Benet’s, and would be delighted to welcome more parishioners to this wonderful, traditional prayer to Our Lady.

Our New Parish Email Address is –

This is our new RCDEA email address for St Benet’s Parish.  It will be used for all admin for the church and will be the email registered with the Diocesan office.

 Waveney Food Bank Still Needs Our Help

Foodbank 2“Thank you all!!” to parishioners for supporting the Food Bank. The donations of food in the porch are a welcome addition, as are the financial donations from the “3rd  Sunday Teas & Coffees”.  .The need will increase as winter bites, so please try to keep up the good work!


Bishops’ Appeal for Help for Ukraine

Ukraine 2The Ukrainian’s leaders are asking for our help to fund desperately needed supplies of essential foods at this time.  Their plea to our Bishops is posted here.  Please help if you can.


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