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Service or Event

                              Mass intentions in italics

Sun.  04 June


Acclamation 2.



Mass;  OLPS            David Lewsley Williams†

Mass; St B               People of the Parish

Wed. 07 June 09:30 Rosary
Fri.   09 June 11:00 Mass; St B               Deceased Members of the Wednesday Club
Sun. 11 June


Acclamation 3.



Mass;  OLPS             People of the Parish

Mass; St B                Sheila Barralet†  

Prayer Requests;   We are asked to remember in our prayers,

– those who are sick:-

Mary Banns, Philip Barrett, Patricia Bath, Minnie Bartholomew, Jackie Bowler, Chris Boyes, Steven Brooks, Muriel Bryant, Theresa Chalmers, Ellen Clark, Bill Corley, John Ellwood, Christine Felton, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Sue Kerr, Alasdair Kirkpatrick, Jo Lewis, Tanya Maloy, Barbara O’Brien, Terry O’Brien, Michael Osborne, Elizabeth Page, Josephine Pollard, Ginny Quinn, Kathryn Robinson, Simon Smith, Rosemary Topham, Jamie Whittenbury.

– those whose anniversaries occur this week:

4th  Robert Pearl;  Robert Throckmorton.

6th  David Felton;  Reginald Beamish;  Walter Cole;  Agatha Keable.

7th  Netta Stevenson.

8th  Dorothy White;  Mary Hayward.

9th  Iris Rakes;  John Hartley;  Dom Peter Worsley-Worswick OSB.

10th  Dolores Walmsley;  Alma  Trust;  Rosetta Hembling;  Naomi Dowe.


those recently deceased, their bereaved family and friends,

Rest in Peace

Larry Peck RIP.

We were all shocked and saddened to hear that Larry Peck had died on Saturday, 20 May.  Larry served for many years as sacristan at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Gillingham, where he was a much-respected servant of the parish.  We will all remember him in our prayers, and we offer our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

– and all those who ask for the support of our Prayers.


Trimity Sunday (Yr A

                    A Reflection by Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB

At first sight this part of the dialogue with Nicodemus seems to mention only the Father and the Son and not involve the Holy Spirit.

A chief concern of the Gospel of John is to show the relationship of loving obedience between Father and Son. The love and equality in a perfect relationship between a human parent and a child is the nearest reflection of such divine love which we can envisage. In complete trust and confidence, the parent gives to the child everything that is theirs. The parent’s only interest is the advancement of the child. The child’s only care is to please the parent and to be as close to the parent as they can be, in word, in action and in relationships. Each has a vibrant and continuous bond of love for the other.

Such a relationship may be rare in human family life, but it can model for us a pale reflection of the loving relationship between the Father and the Son.

The Holy Spirit is the love between the Father and the Son, love in person, the living bond which unites them. We must, however, appreciate that any such language belittles the divine relationship, which is of a different order of perfection and intensity. Human language can never fully explain the mystery of God which is beyond our total understanding.

                We are familiar with St Patrick’s clover-leaf image of the Trinity.
Are there any other images of the Trinity which you find helpful?
How are Father, Son and Spirit presented in this Gospel passage?
How does the Holy Spirit bring us close to the Father?
How can we respond to God’s love for us?                         
Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB

Church Flowers

(From Rona Baxter)

20160326_143034Like everything else, the cost of flowers has risen hugely over the past few weeks.

Do you have any flowers in your garden that you would be willing to donate to the church?  Variegated foliage would also help us make attractive displays.

Please let us know if you can help; we can arrange to collect them. Call Rona on 01502 712 657. (Or meet at 1030 Mass)

“Our Easter Duties”

ReconciliationThe annual reminder that, in the words of the catechism, we are all “obliged to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and receive Holy Communion, once per year – at Easter or thereabouts.”

Ash Wednesday to Trinity Sunday.  is the usual extent of “Easter or thereabouts”.

Gift Aid Update

(From Paul Quinn)


The Gift Aid tax refund to the Parish for donations made last year is expected to amount to £4,903.45.  A very big “THANK YOU!” goes to all Gift Aid participants.
A new “Gift Aid” page has been added to the website, to make it even easier for parishioners to join the scheme;  just click here to see it.


Our E-News Is Suspended. (Temporarily, I hope!)

(From Your Editor)

ComputerMy Portuguese email service has identified the weekly mailing of the E-News to parishioners as being SPAM.

I am trying to resolve the “bulk email” embargo.   Sorry, but E-News must wait until I get approval to resume the service.

Meantime if you have any housebound neighbours, perhaps you could drop a paper Newsletter in their letterbox? Thank you.

Holy Masses in honour of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. June 2023

(From Karen Gallie)


During the month of June, it is traditional to hold special devotions in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Comboni Missionaries tell us they are celebrating 30 Masses during the month, at which a deceased friend or relative may be commemorated – and your Intentions can be among those laid on the altar during these Masses.

Karen, our Parish Secretary, has offered to co-ordinate the submission of such intentions;  contact her by telephone  07874 658 653; or email:

And some reminders from earlier Newsletters.

Waveney Food Bank

Foodbank 2

You will not be surprised to learn that the needs continue to grow.

Please try to help by adding a few non-perishable food items to your weekly shop.  They can be left in the porch for delivery to the organisers.

Thank you.

Repository – New articles in stock

Repository -st-benedict-products (1)We have new Crucifixes, ( 3 to 7 inches tall) and, in response to several requests, we also have small (3/4 inch) “silvered finish” crucifixes, suitable for wearing on a chain or pendant.  We also have new Fridge Magnets with  a selection of religious features and saints

Why not browse our supplier’s catalogues and see what we can get FOR YOU!


Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Lourdes 5

Fri 18 to Fri 25 August

Our Pilgrimage is part of the wider Catholic Association family, and will be fully medically supported. For details, click here.  Queries to  or tel. 07399 163 718.



The month of May is a time when the Rosary features in the Prayer Life of many Catholics.

We have a group who pray the Rosary at 09:30 every Wednesday – and you are welcome to join them, even if just for the Month of May. (And in October, too??)

Come along and join in this lovely prayer, to give thanks or to ask for Mary’s intercession on our behalf.  Or why not:–

Mary's Meals 4

“Ask for Support for Mary’s Meals!”

Accommodation Sought to Rent by a Ukrainian Refugee Family

Ukraine 2A parishioner seeks a house-share  or flat to rent in the Beccles or Gorleston area, from July, for their 25-year-old Ukrainian niece who is a refugee from the war but who is now teaching in the area.

As her parents are joining her in the near future, (mother is also a teacher) two bedrooms and a longer-stay tenancy would be ideal. Please contact the editor,  Thank you.

Radio Maria;  A 24-hour Catholic broadcast station

Radio Maria

Now including talk shows about life as a Catholic, daily catechesis, live prayer, a truly delightful and eclectic selection of music – and much more! There is a free Radio Maria Play App for your mobile phones.  Ask Alexa to “Play Radio Maria England”.  Or – listen online at

Our New Parish Email Address is –

ComputerThis is our new RCDEA email address for St Benet’s Parish.

It will be used for all admin for the church and will be the email registered with the Diocesan office.

Parish Bank Accounts are now with Lloyd’s Bank

Payment_methodsTo make a payment or donation to the Parish use:-

‘St Benet’s Parish (Beccles) Accounts’;  Sort Code 30-98-97 ;  Account 7907 4762.

(Note that the monthly collection for the upkeep of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, continues to use  ‘Gillingham Catholic Church’;  Barclays Sort Code 20-92-08;  Account  4051 8174).                     

 Communication and Consultation

ListeningAs the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is our main channel for two-way communication between our clergy and parishioners, our current acting chair, Pam Storey, may be contacted by email or ring 01502 711 966  on any matter that concerns any parishioner.

In addition, and subject to agreement at the PPC,we hope to publish the names and contact details of all members of the PPC, to help them represent the views of all parishioners.

 Holy Communion for the Housebound

From Bernard Segrave-Daly)

Prayer for the Sick

Parishioners who are housebound or unwell may have Holy Communion brought to them at their home or in Hospital.

Please ring Bernard on 01502 218912 or 07393 709083.

We have three active Eucharistic Ministers – but could do with a few more.

Rosary 2Rosary Group

Our Rosary Group meet every Wednesday at 09:30 in St Benet’s, and would be delighted to welcome more parishioners to this wonderful, traditional prayer to Our Lady.

 Bishops’ Appeal – Help for Ukraine

Ukraine 2The Ukrainian church’s leaders are asking for our help to fund desperately needed supplies of essential foods at this time.

Their plea to our Bishops is posted here.  Please help if you can.


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