Newsletter 02 October (Amended 03 October)

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time in Year C

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PARISH DIARY w/c Sun 02 October


Mass intentions in italics

Sun 02 Oct;

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time;

Year C; Acclamation 3.



OLPS Mass   (Fr Stephen Bould celebrating)                   

St B Mass     (Fr Stephen Bould celebrating)

NB There will be no 18:00 Mass until further notice.

Wed 05; (St Faustina)



Fri   07; (Our Lady of the Rosary)



 Mass; Fr Mike celebrating



w/c Sun 09 October


Mass intentions in italics

Sun 09 Oct;

Note time of Mass at OLPS

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time;

Year C; Acclamation 1

Second Collection; CAFOD Family Fast Day



OLPS Mass   (Fr Stephen celebrating)                   

St B Mass     (Fr Stephen celebrating)

NB There will be no 18:00 Mass until further notice.

Prayer Requests_ We are asked to remember in our prayers: –

 – Those who are sick

Mary Banns, Philip Barrett, Patricia Bath, Minnie Bartholomew, Jackie Bowler, Steven Brooks, Muriel Bryant, Theresa Chalmers, Mary Chatfield, Ellen Clark, Bill Corley, Anne Curran, John Ellwood, Christine Felton, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Sue Kerr, Alasdair Kirkpatrick, Jo Lewis, Tanya Maloy, Barbara O’Brien, Michael Osborne, Elizabeth Page, Larry Peck, Josephine Pollard, Ginny Quinn, Kathryn Robinson, Simon SmithRosemary Topham, Bill Weddle, Jamie Whittenbury.

-Those whose anniversaries occur w/c Sun 02 October: –

2nd Michael Penman;  Rosina Ashley.                      

3rd Jacqueline Pipe;  Doris Kirby;  Dom Edmund Ford OSB. 

4th  Ann Briggs;  Mary Sloman;  Lily Tucker.             

5th  Margaret Wilson. 

6th Gladys (Jo) Sharp;  Sylvia Boulger.                      

7th Audrey Sawyer;  Dom Meinrad Fulton OSB. 

8th Pamela Henderson;  George West. 

Those who have died recently, their family and friends. 

– And all who ask for the Support of our Prayers.

27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C;

                   A Reflection by Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB

The two sections of this Gospel reading appear at first sight to be entirely separate, the first about faith, the second about the reward of service; but they do fit together.

The faith required consists not in reciting a creed but in hanging on by one’s fingertips, through thick and thin, to God’s power and will to save. In nothing else is there any hope, not in my own power or ability. That is why, in the second section, we have no right to expect any sort of reward as our due from God. The value of our work is secondary to our admission of helplessness and our trust in God to save us.

However, not all parables should be taken as allegories. The severe master here is not necessarily God, any more than the master who in another parable praises his crooked steward. When we hear the unyielding command of the master to the slave to expect nothing and to set about serving at supper, we cannot forget that at the Last Supper it was Jesus who put on his apron and washed his disciples’ feet. We may be unworthy slaves, but Our Lord’s action at the Last Supper gives us confidence that our Master ministers to us.

How do I best serve God and others? 

Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB

Fr Martin writes  

20180128_115248I need to say an enormous ‘thank-you’ to all those who contributed so generously to my ‘send-off’ last Sunday.  A splendid leaving party was enjoyed by a great many of us, enabling us to wish each other well in a very special way.  I also received an unbelievable leaving gift consisting of a musical keyboard with all sorts of accoutrements, which will enable me to pursue an engaging hobby with many entertaining and therapeutic benefits – not only for myself, I hope!  I am ever so grateful, and there will be many other happy memories for the years in store:- let’s stay in touch; my new address is available in the presbytery. Help will be needed by my successors, (see below)as we await the arrival of a new resident priest, in the coming months.  God speed and let’s continue to pray for one another.

Help Needed 

Your donations to the Food Bank (left in St Benet’s porch) need to be taken to the presbytery and then to the Food Bank at St Luke’s at the top of Rigbourne Hill, on Monday or Friday afternoons 2.00 – 3.00 pm. Any volunteers please?

  Other tasks will be identified with the help of Karen Gallie, who has kindly agreed to assist Fr Mike in a secretarial capacity, beginning this Friday. 

Sunday Masses; 09:00 and 10:30 

Communion 2We welcome Fr Stephen Bould, already known to many parishioners, who will be celebrating two Masses for us each Sunday in October, as Canon David Paul is unable to join us, until November at the earliest. 

Note that the Mass at OLPS Gillingham has been moved to 09:00.

Other Arrangements

On Monday 26 Sept., the PPC met Fr Mike and various details were agreed.  Please click here to see the summary of the meeting or see the Notice Board at the back of the church. The website will be updated to reflect all these changes, as soon as possible.

Fr Martin’s Leaving “DO”

ThankYouSkywritingA big thank you to everyone who helped make Fr Martin’s farewell do such a joyful event. It brought the parish together to thank Fr Martin for the dedicated service he has given to our parish for over ten years.  The respect he is held in shone through, and we wish him well at “The Congregation of St Gregory.”

Of course, a big “THANK YOU” goes to all who helped to put on such a splendid “Finger Buffet” – with the liquid refreshments, too! –  and very special thanks to the stalwarts who stayed on for the less glamourous task of clearing up afterwards!!

CAFOD Family Fast Day; Friday 07 October; 2nd Collection Sunday 09 October

Cafod 22 This annual event is even more important this year, with millions – especially in Africa – actually starving. 

We are all financially stretched, but please be as generous as you can. 

If you are a taxpayer, it is easy to increase your gift by 25%; so that every £1 becomes £1.25 (and £5 = £6.25!) – at no extra cost to you.  Just take and a “GIFT AID” envelope, available today at the back of the church and insert your donation, ready for the second collection next week.

Welcome to Fr Mike Brookes

Fr Mike will be with us this Friday 07 October, to say Mass at 11:00 and then spend the rest of the day getting to grips with some of our administrative details.  He will be delighted to meet any parishioners after Mass – though if you want to discuss something in private, it would be best to arrange a specific time. To contact Fr Mike Tel 01986 893 355 or email

Visit of Relics of St Bernadette of Lourdes; Cathedral of St John the Baptist; 13 – 15 October

LourdesAs part of a nationwide tour, the relics of St Bernadette will be visiting St John’s Cathedral, Norwich.  As well as the opportunity to venerate the relics, there are a number of exhibitions and presentations about Lourdes.  Click to see the timetable for the visit to Norwich



Reminders From Previous Newsletters 


Our School is rated “GOOD”


CelebrationsThe Ofsted inspection shows that our school has been graded ‘Good’ overall, with many outstanding features. The inspectors said, “We would love to send our children here’.  The full OFSTED report is here on the school website.

We have only two areas to work on, to get “outstanding” next time!  

A truly wonderful team effort – CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!

School News



We have set up a link to the School Website, Parents’ Page, where you can keep up to date with school activities.


Letter to Parishioners 

Writing a letter

A recent letter from Fr Martin gives information on our future status as a diocesan parish.  If your copy has gone astray, spare copies are available at the back of both churches. 

Anyone who has an update for the parish mailing list should contact Terry O’Brien ( or Mobile 07504 962 368


Rosary 2Our Rosary Group meets at 9.30 am on Wednesdays, but this autumn sees the loss of two regulars.  Can we keep going during October, the month of the Holy Rosary?  The more the merrier!


New Parish Bank Account with Lloyd’s Bank. 

Payment_methodsYou can make donations for the Parish to  ‘St Benet’s Parish (Beccles) Accounts’;  Sort Code 30-98-97 ;  Account 7907 4762.

(The monthly collection for the upkeep of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, continues to use  ‘Gillingham Catholic Church’;  Barclays Sort Code 20-92-08;  Account  4051 8174)

Food Bank (800x600)Waveney Foodbank – Plea for Supplies

There is an urgent need for:-  Tinned fruit, rice pudding, noodles. tinned spaghetti, cooking oil, sugar, custard, confectionary, instant mash, long life fruit juices, tinned vegetables, laundry powder. 

Items for Publication – A Reminder

ComputerPlease send any items for publication in the Newsletter, E-News and/or Website  to , OR to. tmob@sapo,pt


E-NEWS – the Newsletter by Email   

MediaSome e-mail servers automatically identify “bulk e-mails” as SPAM. 

If you have NOT received a copy of the E-News, please send me an email asking to be added to the mailing list. 

Then, please, use your own email system to make –  a  “safe sender”.  Thank you.


Parish Contacts

Parish Priest –  Fr Martin Gowman OSB at the Presbytery, 2 Grange Road, Beccles, NR34 9NR  

Tel. 01502 713179

Mob. 07504 326719. Email:

Deacon: Tony Felton  Tel  07985 228397

If you don’t want further copies of the E-News, just e-mail us with “Unsubscribe” in the subject line. 

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