Three Pleas for Prayer

This week Father Martin has asked that the three notes from the Newsletter  be used for  his printed “Homily”.

The Catholic Association for Racial Justice (CARJ)

carj-changing-face-of-britain-300px-events_largeCARJ began life as an Episcopal Commission in the 1970s becoming an independent association in 1984.

It is affiliated with the National Justice and Peace Network, which promotes Catholic social teaching through the organisation of conferences and visits to parishes, schools and colleges.

CARJ works and prays ‘for a more just, more equal and more cooperative society.’

Christians in Eritrea


This is known as – ‘the world’s worst place to be a Christian’ – according to a recent report from Aid to the Church in Need (

‘Standing up for faith and freedom remains a cornerstone of our work. Shine a light on the plight of Christians in Eritrea where the church is suffering under harsh state control, with Christians being unjustly imprisoned and tortured for their faithful witness’.

Poverty Action Sunday



Sunday 26th Feb (the last Sunday before Lent) is earmarked as a Day of Prayer for the Unemployed.


Instituted by Church Action on Poverty, this national Day of Prayer is also known as Poverty Action Sunday.

Please support all three of them with your prayers.

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