The Sick

We are asked to pray for the Sick of the Parish:

Prayer 2

Elisabeth Ashe, Mary Banns, Josephine Barrell, Patricia Bath,

Minnie Bartholomew, Fr Stephen Bould, Jackie Bowler,

Steven Brooks, Muriel Bryant, Theresa Chalmers, Mary Chatfield,

Ellen Clark, Bill Corley, Anne Curran, Maureen Desborough,

John Ellwood, Christine Felton, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Sue Kerr, 

Alasdair Kirkpatrick, Brian Lewis, Jo Lewis, Tanya Maloy,

Michael Osborne, Elizabeth Page, Larry Peck, Josephine Pollard,

Ginny Quinn, Kathryn Robinson, Simon SmithRosemary Topham,

Bill Weddle, Jamie Whittenbury.

Prayer 9

Other Prayer Requests

These are published on the following pages.  Click on the blue link below, to view each group of requests for Parish Prayer Requests for:-

And for Deceased Parishioners:-

 Plus we have received suggestions for Prayers for:-

Prayer 7


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