Sunday Mass

This section has been created to pull together all the information relevant to our celebration of our Sunday Mass.

Four documents are available; just click on the link to access them, as you wish.  They can also be accessed directly from the tabs on the Home Screen.

They are:

Readings and Prayers

A note of the three Readings, plus the Preface, Eucharistic Prayer, and Acclamation being used this Sunday – with a link to the “Universalis” website where the actual texts are available.

Fr Martin’s Homily

As the spoken Homily is curtailed during the Covid Pandemic, the full text of Fr Martin’s Homily is given here.

Deacon Tony’s Reflections

We can access a weekly view from Deacon Tony, which helps our understanding of this Sunday’s message.

A Reader Writes

One of our readers gives a lay-person’s perspective on this Sunday’s readings.  Note that this may not be this Sunday’s Reader; not all want to express their personal opinions in public.