Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults – RCIA

The three Sacraments of Initiation can be celebrated together, usually during Eastertide, for adult converts received into the Church following their programme of preparation or catechesis

RCIA2The length of time required for the programme depends upon the individual; 6 months is a reasonable minimum period for those already well-versed in the Christian faith, but the time of preparation or Catechesis may indeed be a great deal longer because it truly relates to the experience of a lifetime.

‘Catechesis’ means ‘handing-over’ or ‘handing-down’ and it relates to the Faith that we hand on and share with one another in Christian communities.

As Catholics, we share a world-wide or ‘universal’ faith and as Roman Catholics we recognise our communion with the Bishop of Rome and his teaching authority, which informs our Christian celebration as a Church day-by-day.

Even if we only enter the church building at weekends, the Faith we profess on Sundays is such that it can be considered central to our lives at all times during the week.

Anyone interested in pursuing this programme is urged to contact the Parish Priest as soon as possible.

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