As the first of all the Sacraments, Christian Baptism is one of the clearest signs of the presence of God in human life.  

Baptism 2No human being is too small or insignificant for a share in God’s love and this is why Christian families traditionally have their children baptised. 

Infant Baptism can be seen as a first step along a unique Path of Life, in which a child is supported by a loving family in the profession of their shared Faith, enabling each family member to grow in the love of God.  

For ‘older’ individuals (adults and children aged seven or above), Baptism comes to involve a conscious choice implying a certain level of Christian commitment. 

Those received into the Church at the age of 13 or over often receive Baptism and Confirmation at one and the same time, together with First Holy Communion, as part of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).  Please click here for details of the RCIA.
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