Renewal Newsletter – August 2018


St Benet’s Parish, Beccles

Renewal Programme: 2018-9

Introduction: July – August 2019

To help us focus upon different aspects of Renewal,

this leaflet will appear every few weeks during the course of the programme.


Bread from Heaven (17th – 21st Sundays, Year B)

At the end of the Bread of Life Discourse (Jn 6,22-69) St Peter acknowledges that Jesus has ‘the message of eternal life’ (6,68): his fellow disciples can wish for no better teacher.

This central section of the Gospel begins (according to all four Evangelists) with the Miracle of the Loaves (‘Feeding of 5000’: Mt 14,15-21; Mk 6,35-44; Lk 9,12-17; Jn 6,1-15).

Loaves and FishesIn St John’s version, the Bread of Life Discourse (which we hear this year) is so challenging that many of Our Lord’s followers begin to distance themselves from this aspect of his teaching (introducing, as it does, the idea that the very Person of Jesus is to become a tangible, if spiritual, form of nourishment for those who believe in Him and in virtue of the Life that He is to give for them).

Because of its place in St John’s Gospel, the Multiplication of the Loaves has been seen as a Eucharistic Miracle – to be associated later with our Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation.

Loaves-and-fish_lefyovers 12_basketsThe teaching of Jesus, like good food, creates Life; and it does so in a way that accords with the divine nature of Jesus Himself. His influence upon his loyal followers engages them to such an extent that ‘leftovers’ are always abundantly available (represented in the aftermath of the Miracle by numerous baskets of scraps – cf the ‘food miracles’ of Elisha in 2 Kings 4) to be handed on to so many different generations of believers.

The latter (ourselves), as well as receiving the Life of Jesus in Word and in Sacrament, will be invited to play distinctive parts – like Philip, Andrew and the little boy in St John’s account of the Miracle (with St Peter: 6,68!) – in handing it on to others.

CommunionThe Eucharist, which we celebrate through Holy Mass, is therefore to be linked with other Sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation and Matrimony) in which our actual Christian-names are introduced.

At the end of this leaflet, you will find the names of those who are to be baptised, married or confirmed in St Benet’s this summer or autumn – and of those of our children who are preparing to receive their First Holy Communion next year. Please pray for them all.



Afternoon on the Beach:

 Sunday 5 August from midday

Beach PartyAs part of our Renewal Programme, you are invited to come and enjoy the beach and fish & chips (or bring a picnic if you prefer)  on our beautiful coastline a few minutes’ drive away at Pakefield.

For those that haven’t been before, the address is 65 Pakefield Street, Lowestoft;  NR33 0JS. Parking is free at the top of the cliff – with a gentle ramp down to the beach.  Loos are available on the beach near the Sunrise Café.

We will set off after coffee – post the 10.30 Mass – and spend the afternoon together.

sandcastleThere is some sand for the building of castles, depending on the tide, and for the more adventurous, a  paddle or swim – It’s really not as cold in the sea as you might think!

All are welcome so bring your family and friends and take part in this lovely community-building annual event. If you don’t have a car don’t worry as there will be plenty of cars going and lifts will be available.


Prayer Requests

In this section of the Parish Renewal Newsletter, we show the parishioners who are soon to receive the special sacraments of the Church.

You will find the names of those who are to be baptised,  married or confirmed in St Benet’s this summer or autumn – and of those of our children who are preparing to receive their First Holy Communion next year.

Please pray for those who are :


  • soon to be BAPTISED:       Baptism 2

Orla Elsie Roberts                                   29 July 2018

Casey Allen-Gill                                        4 August 2018



  • beautiful wedding ringssoon to be MARRIED:

Emma Wyatt & Desmond Murphy           4 August 2018

Rosalie Jones & James Dodd                     11 August 2018

Jane Harris & Ryan McGuire                   25 August 2018

Henrietta Bramley & William Graham   8 September 2018


  • Confirmation 3preparing for CONFIRMATION:

Niamh Bale, Alex & Max Clayton,

Aidan & Maeve Cotter, Daiana Farcas,

Bella Gibson, Iana de Guzman, George McPhillie,

Blake & Shannon Marshall, Madeline Nunn

and Gemma Plosky,

who will be confirmed when Bishop Alan visits us, on Friday 5 October, at 6 pm;

Conformation 2


and Pauline Rimington

who will be confirmed with Fr Martin, at the 10.30 am Mass on Sunday 7 October;


  • preparing to receive their FIRST HOLY COMMUNION in 2019:

Alexis Bailey, Millie Bunting,Communion

Harry & Lillyrose Chalmers, Anna Clayton,

Phillip Harrison, Adam Litwiniuk,

Elizabeth Pampackal, Jeremiah do Rozario,

Payton Seely and Nathanael Sparrow.


Please pray for them all.


And please pray for the success of our Parish Renewal Programme!



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