Pray for Local Charities


Like most parishes, we have on-going commitments to International Charities shown under their own headings.

As well as seeking financial support, all our charities stress the value of your Prayers – they really appreciate them.  To view their own messages, please  follow this link and explore the options.

We also like to put something back into our local community, and each year we identify local charities which we will support.  These are chosen by ballot of all parishioners.

When the Corona virus epidemic has receded, we will review where we are and what our plans will be to continue this very worth-while activity – and which local charities we will be able to support.

Watch out for advertising of the activities which will be used to help them over the coming year – especially our regular summer market stalls and social events.

Prayer Support

All charities welcome financial help – but they all stress that the support of our Prayers is equally important.

We actively encourage ALL parishioners to remember in their prayers, the charities we have selected. To this end we have created separate pages which show exaples of their needs and of the benefits they have received as a result of the prayers of supporters. They can be found here:-

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