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Letters to the Editor of St Benet’s Beccles Website

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04 July

Many thanks Terry.

Hope all goes well tomorrow. We’ll certainly be thinking of you all as we join the Dominican Sisters for their live stream Mass and we do truly thank you and others of the team for all you have done/are doing to ensure the safety and well-being of those attending Mass at St Benet’s.
We WILL meet again – but until then take care, all of you!
Best wishes
Hilary and Mike

Editors Reply

A lovely message – which, although addressed to your editor, is actually meant for ALL those who have worked so hard behind the scenes to help maintain –  and indeed build – the Community Spirit of St Benet’s, Beccles.

As we reach what is truly a milestone in our “Coping with Corvid”, I think it is only right to draw the attention of ALL parishioners to the huge amount of work and real leadership we have been fortunate to receive from Father Martin.; Deacons Tony and Mike; and our other lay office holders and volunteers.

While it might be a bit tedious to mention them all by name, I think those who are involved DO know who are the ones doing a lot of the less glamorous and more mundane jobs that keep the parish functioning.

My role – which I just LOVE doing, – is primarily for my benefit and it makes me feel good to be recognised for it. But I know I am just a front man!

All  I ask now, is that we all think for a minute to say “Thank You.” to those who clean the Church; set up those beautiful flowers;  keep the accounts; tend the gardens; mend the leaky roof; organise the socials; stimulate the prayers; organise the readers; wash the vestments …..  and so it goes on!!

The list is almost endless – so just THANK YOU ALL.

BUT especially Father Martin!!


01 July

This afternoon, I received this little note from a well-respected member of the Parish.

“We enjoy all your ‘newsy’ e-bulletins and do like the longer ‘Reader Writes’ but would like to know who has written it.  Is there any reason why the author’s name cannot be published – especially as the readers’ names are posted on the website…and we now know it was your own offering last week!”

Editor’s reply… Updated 03 July

I know that initially we offered anonymity to encourage the “shyer” Readers to come forward – and I know I love to see the different views and styles that are expressed.

I have simce contacted the “Writers” and the concensus is that, while some don’t mind being named, we should respect the right of others to remain anonymous.

So, “No Names; No Pack Drill!”, it remains!


28 June

As Editor, in my covering email with the E-Bulletin, I wrote:

I‘d had a first look at the readings for the 13th Sunday – and felt really quite sad to be reading the texts and knowing we won’t be meeting and sharing the celebration of Mass and the Sacraments together.  (And the coffee and biscuits and chat afterwards!).

But then I read the entrance antiphon – which I copy for those without a missal close to hand: “All peoples, clap your hands; Cry to God, with shouts of joy”. 

And so I did – and I felt much better for it.   I realised I have nothing to feel sad about – and I thanked God!    STRANGE! – I don’t usually feel the urge to talk to God!

And I received this reply:

“Thank you Terry for your ‘informal note’, as always!”

“Talking to God indeed – who’d have thought it?!  What is prayer, anyway?!”

To which I have no clever answer.  Thank you for that – I thought I’d share your comment!


06 June

Offertory Collections

Terry,  Who is the treasurer? How do I send him/her a cheque?  Thanks,


Bank Transfers or Standing Orders, may be arranged through our Parish Treasurer. or tel. 01502 471717.

We are officially part of Downside Abbey Mission Trust (DAMT), so if you just want to post a cheque, make it payable to  DAMT Beccles Account  and please send it to :-

The Treasurer,  St Benet’s RC Church,

2 Grange Road,  BECCLES.  NR34 9NR

Many thanks.


And the Background to the Person to Person Page


Person to person 3During the present “Lockdown”, a number of parishioners have said they are missing the personal parish contacts that are so important to us all.   We think a “Letters to the Editor” page might help.

Please note that while the message can be published anonymously if you wish – the real name of the author must be supplied to the editor.  (This is just to stop mischievous persons posting spam messages.)

What Sort of Messages Can be Sent?

Messages  could include, for instance, Requests for Prayers; Thanks for Prayers Answered;  Requests for – and Offers of – Help;  Condolences for Bereaved Parishioners;  Reports of Activities and Initiatives in other Churches; Suggestions for Spiritual Opportunities;  Inspiring Messages and Music from the Internet; (and maybe even some “church related” jokes to lighten the mood).

Really, anything to stimulate and build our parish community – and, in turn, make the website more relevant to all our parishioners, – even making it more of a two-way communication.


Below are some examples of what might be published, culled from recent replies to the E-Bulletins, in May 2020.  All are shown anonymously, as they were not written with publication in mind.

St Benet’s Prayers – “Together On Thursday At Three”

Maybe we should have our own St Benet’s Covid-19, clearance prayers at the same time each week, a bit like the Thursday night clap for the NHS. Same time, same day each week. Is Three o’clock a good time?

Excellent stuff and just what we need to hear, during this time. Well done for being brave. We will be joining in on Thursday just as you suggest.

Person To Person

We value the contact and if you feel like giving a homily or pontificating on anything, that is fine by us.

I think it’s a great idea and please feel free to use my email.  We’re in strange times and need to do what we can to help connect people who sadly can’t have personal contact.  God bless and I hope you, your family and everyone in St Benet’s stays well.

So, what do I think? I liked your refreshing honesty. I miss Mass greatly, but through your communications I feel I am still in touch with the Church. A huge thank you.

Spiritual Development

I have been reflecting a bit too (something I don’t usually do) after seeing a programme on TV.  They questioned the idea of transubstantiation among other things. I have often thought about that.