Alive in Faith Report – 06 Feb

06 February

alive-in-faith-final-logo_-strapline-small_The “Alive in Faith” programme has now been launched in St Benet’s parish!

After all masses on Sunday 05 February, an information pack was distributed – and further copies are available from Fr Martin, and his helpers, Brian Lewis and Chris Boyes.

In addition, we have reproduced the documents on the parish web site – though the nature of the originals means that each page is shown separately.  However, each page can be “copied and pasted” into a “Word” document and then printed off at home if you wish to study it more closely.

If you decide you can make a financial contribution, you can copy and paste the “Pledge Form” for completion and despatch to the “Alive in Faith” office at the White House or, if you prefer, you can hand it directly to Fr. Martin for onward transmission.  Full directions are included on the “Pledge Form” page.

The “Information Pack” issued to every parishioner on 05 February, contained the following documents.  Please click on the title to go to each one:-

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