Alive in Faith Newsletter 26 Feb


The Newsletter, in poster form, has been scanned and copied into the web site and appears above.  To enable the text to be accessed  using the web site “search”  facility, the main text is reproduced below.  

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“Alive in Faith”

Building a Sure Foundation for the Mission of Our Diocese

St. Benet’s Minster, Beccles and Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour, Gillingham

Consider your gift or pledge today

What you do over the next few week will make a big difference to our  entire Catholic Community.

The Alive in Faith appeal in our parish is now entering its 4th week and the response from parishioners has been very encouraging. Your generous support will ensure that the Diocese will have the necessary funds for seminarian formation. Already we are well on our way to reaching our goal and beyond, and look forward to even more exciting news in the weeks to come.  

I do need to thank most sincerely the individuals and families who have already responded so generously to this appeal to strengthen the Church both in the diocese and in our parish.

It seems inevitable in the future that our diocesan links will need to be increased as the Downside community, which provides priests for five parishes, has only one candidate currently in priestly formation.

I would like to conclude our parish campaign in the next couple of weeks. This will require a positive decision by a number who I know are still considering the extent of their commitment.  Please take time to reflect and make a decision that is right for you, and if possible, return your completed pledge forms next weekend to me (a spare pledge form is printed on the reverse of the newsletter). Please help us cross the final hurdle.

With grateful thanks and every blessing for the coming Season.

Fr. Martin Gowman

Alive in Faith – Did you know?

  1. We are one of 16 parishes playing our part in the final group of the campaign, continuing to build on the wonderful efforts of those that already completed their initiatives
  2. If circumstances change, you can increase, decrease, pause or cancel your pledge at any time
  3. Alive in Faith encourages equal sacrifice rather than equal gifts, with each person making a contribution that is right for them. All gifts are gratefully received


We need more individuals and families to consider joining those already involved.

Every gift and pledge counts.


Thank you for considering this special request.

Please pray for the success of “Alive in Faith”.

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