“Alive in Faith” Launched in St Benet’s – 05 Feb

05 February

alive-in-faith-final-logo_-strapline-small_As recently announced, our parish contribution to the “Alive in Faith” Appeal, which is being organised throughout the Diocese of East Anglia, begins this Sunday, 05 February.

Envelopes containing information about the Appeal, introduced in letters from Bishop Alan (because it is a diocesan Appeal) and Fr Martin (representing the Benedictines) will be distributed at all three Masses. Please read the contents of your envelope and include the intentions of the Appeal in your own prayers.

Over the coming few weeks, we are asked to lend our support to the Appeal in the way that is most appropriate for ourselves and our families.  It is hoped that many of us will be able to pledge an appropriate level of giving over a five-year period, using the pledge form to be found inside each envelope.

alive-in-faith-final-logo_-strapline-small_Fr Martin gratefully acknowledges the help he has already received from Brian Lewis & Chris Boyes in preparing the material for ‘Alive in Faith’ which is now available for everyone.  The three of us are, of course, ready to answer any questions you may have.

There will be a brief parish meeting about the “Alive in Faith” Appeal on a Sunday morning before the end of February.

For further information, please use this link: rcdea.org.uk/alive-in-faith

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