Parish Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

We now have three facilities for parishioners – or indeed any visitor to St Benet’s Parish – to ask our clergy and our parishioners to pray for an intention that is important to them.

Prayer 7A “Prayer Request Book” and a “Prayer Request Pin Board” are both kept just inside the “Bunbury Door”- alongside the pulpit. This is adjacent to the Lady Chapel, where the atmosphere is conducive to quiet thought and reflection, and where you might like to offer your own prayers in whatever form you find relevant.  

The third option provides the same facility of asking our clergy and parishioners to think of – and pray for – something important to you, but using modern technology to record and share your request. 

All that is needed  is for you, a friend or relative, to send your Prayer Request by:

  • an email  to
  •  or an ordinary letter to Parish Priest, St Benet’s Church, 2 Grange Road BECCLES NR34 9NR .

Your request will then be added to our website “Prayer Requests” page.  The message posted may be anonymous or just use a first name, if you wish.

Prayer Resources

Fasmily Prayer 3

A range of prayer resources, designed to help parents to explore faith with their children, to pray together and to support a global family, published online by CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development), can be found at



Prayer 9

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