Sunday Collections

This page shows the amounts collected, in each category, on each Sunday of each month throughout the year.

May we just draw to your attention the fact that if ALL parishioners were eligible and registered for “Gift Aid”, the parish would gain by 25% of the amount shown for “Loose Plate” donations.

If you are a UK taxpayer, and would like to learn more about “Gift Aid” – especially that it costs YOU nothing! – please follow this link.  Thank You!

Finances – Parish Collections – 2017
Category April May
  5 Sundays 4 Sundays
Loose Plate £2,141.12 £1,254.25
Gift Aid (Yellow Envelopes) £869.02 £642.95
Standing Orders £1,045.75 £1,045.75
Second Collections £958.45 £1,041.30
TOTAL £5,014.34 £3,984.25