Covid19 – Our Weekly Hymn

Music from St Benet’s “Family Choir” now Available On-line

Musical Instr.Most parishioners will know Hilary and Thomas Harrison and their children Celeste and Digby,  who lead us with their music at the monthly Family Liturgy, for 10:30 Mass.

We are delighted to learn that they have posted – on   “YouTube” – a recording of “The Harrison Crew”  performing  a weekly hymn.

Just click on the link below to watch, listen and join in;   if you’re not sure of the lyrics – just “Google” it!.

This is the most recent recording;  it will be transferred to the “alpha list” when it is replaced.

18 July    Message from “Harrison Crew”

Dear all

You may, possibly, have noticed we had a week off recording last
week. We did in fact record a track last week… but we wanted to add
vocals, which took a little longer. So here it is, and hopefully
worth the wait, an upbeat original worship tune by Thomas, performed
by us all as usual.

Hope you enjoy it!

lots of love Hilary x

“We Proclaim” an original worship tune created by Thomas and performed by the Harrison Crew

AND Here are the lyrics …

We proclaim the holy name of Jesus,
you’re the one who came to set us free.
Lived and died and rose once more,
you’re the one that we adore,
and you did it all for the love of me.
Holy spirit,  fill our hearts, we pray.
Holy spirit,  guide our lives, your way.
Holy spirit, show your love,, , in all we do and say.
Holy spirit, come to us,  this day.

We proclaim the holy name of Jesus,
you’re the one who came to set us free.
Walked among us as a man,
paid the price  of the pascal lamb,
through you we claim the victory.



Our Hymn List

First, dedicated to John Sirl, a great friend and parishioner at St Benet’s;  

May he Rest In Peace.           “As I kneel before you (Ave Maria)” 


And then in alphabetical order, for ease of reference:-

“All Who Are Thirsty”

“Be Still for the Presence of the Lord”.

“Bless the Lord, Oh my Soul

‘Here is Love,  Vast as the Ocean”

“I am the Bread of Life”

“I Watch the Sunrise”

“I Watch the Sunrise”  with vocals sung by Brigid Rawlinson

“Jesus, Remember Me.”

“Let’s Raise a Hallelujah on Ascension Day”

“Lord of the Dance” 

‘Not I but through Christ in me’

“Oh the Love of My Lord”

“O God You Search Me and You Know Me.”

‘Song of Ruth’.

“The Cloud’s Veil”

“The Cloud’s Veil”  with vocals sung by Brigid Rawlinson.

‘The Goodness of God’

“Walk With Me, Oh My Lord”

“You Are Mine”







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