Deacon’s Reflections

The ‘Mountaintop Experience’ of Lent

In Biblical symbolism, a mountain represents getting close to God.

It was at the top of Mount Tabor where Jesus revealed the glory of his Godliness to his closest friends. Called a “high mountain” in scripture, Mount Tabor is, in reality, not huge. What was huge is the event that took place there — and why.

Some of the most significant moments in our spiritual lives might not have felt like a mountaintop experience, but indeed they were.

TransfigurationThe three disciples who witnessed Christ’s transfiguration greatly benefited from seeing his glory revealed, because someday they would be commissioned to take over his earthly ministry.

The Father told them, “This is my beloved Son; listen to him.” As we listen to Jesus, it is we who are now transfigured.

Lent is meant to be a mountaintop experience for each of us. If we follow Jesus up the mountain, his light will consume any darkness within us.

The more we listen to his teachings and apply them to our daily lives and ministries, the more we become like him. And the more we become like Jesus, the more our lives are transfigured by his light, and the more our lives then transfigure the world around us.

Abraham & Isaac

As the first reading tells us, Abraham did not withhold his son from the Lord, just like God the Father did not withhold his Son from us.

Likewise, we are faithful to the responsibilities of Christian living if we do not withhold the Son from the people we encounter.

This can be through: –

  • an evangelising word or a helping hand,
  • a compassionate and attentive ear,
  • the generous giving of mercy and forgiveness; money or time.

We are Christ’s hands and feet and voice in the world today.

We are his earthly body. We are the answers to people’s prayers.

We have been empowered through baptism to shine with the glory of Christ’s love.

We have all been commissioned to continue his earthly ministry.

May the experience of Lent take us to new heights of union with Christ and his mission!

Tony Felton

Deacon, St Benet’s Beccles.

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