Deacon’s Reflections

Thirty-second Sunday of Year “C”


Why is There No Marriage in Heaven?

Do you believe in the resurrection?

That’s the question that Jesus indirectly poses when he challenges the Sadducees in this Sunday’s Gospel reading.

As Christians, we believe that after we depart from this present earthly stage. we will experience a resurrection like Christ’s.  All believers who follow Jesus will live as the angels do. This is why Catholic funeral Masses are Resurrection Masses and use white instead of black as the liturgical colour.

But do you believe in the resurrection of love?

  • Jesus explained the resurrection in terms of marriage.
  • Marriage is supposed to reflect God’s radical love for his people.
  • Marriage is supposed to unite a man and a woman in an enduring love that is the very presence of God.
  • Marriage gives witness to the world that God’s faithfulness and commitment to us is real.

So why does Jesus say that marriage is not part of the resurrection of the dead?

Why won’t today’s marriages become perfect and continue forever after both husband and wife have entered heaven?

Here on earth, love is imperfectly given and imperfectly received. Therefore, it’s constantly dying and being resurrected again, every day, to the extent that each spouse repents and forgives. (The same is true of any friendship.)

God is perfect love – and we live as true children of God when we love others the way he loves them.

Marriage does not exist in heaven because it’s an imperfect love: we love our spouses more than we love others. In heaven, we will love our spouses fully and we will love everyone else just as much. And those who have loved us poorly will love us better than the best spouse could love us now.

Marriage is only an earthly foreshadowing of the divine, faithful, creative love that we will share with everyone in heaven.


Tony Felton

Deacon; St. Benet’s Minster