Deacon’s Reflections

Even though the celebration of Mass in public has been suspended due to the Coronavirus crisis, Mass is still being said by our priests and the Church’s liturgical calendar still moves on.  Deacon Tony continues to supply us with some thoughts on the readings from today’s Mass and the message it contains.

The readings are available on the website to enable us all to join in the celebration –  in spirit at least.

A prayer guide, to support us in this spiritual celebration, was produced by CBCEW on Friday 20 March.  Copies are available here on this website – from where it can be printed for easy reference.

The celebration of Mass is also being made available through “live streaming” from a number of churches – use this link to see a range of those available. 

For instance. it is possible to watch the daily 12.00 Mass at Walsingham on and other masses from sites such as  St Laurence’s in Cambridge

Deacon’s Reflections

Palm Sunday;  Year “A”


The Passionate Love of Jesus

The word “passion” has powerful implications.

Theologically, we use it to describe the suffering love that Jesus endured for each of us when he was beaten, mocked and crucified as he willingly took onto himself the punishment and destructive forces of our sins.

The world counterfeits the word “passion” by applying it to strong feelings of romantic, even lustful, attraction.

We also use this word to refer to a strong motivation to do something that we enjoy or greatly care about, and this is why we can say that Jesus cared “passionately” about us while enduring The Passion.

The strong love that Jesus exhibited in his ministry and on Good Friday is a lesson on what it means to have “compassion” for others. We walk with them in their sufferings; we “suffer with” them.

This is passionate love in its holiest form.

Read the scriptures for Passion Sunday with an eye on how they reveal Jesus’ passionate love for you.

See yourself in the passion of the people who enthusiastically welcomed Jesus as well as in those who rejected and denied him.

Consider how much compassion Jesus must have felt for you when he subjected himself to the excruciating pains of his final hours. He did this for you despite how much you’ve hurt him through any lack of compassion for others. Rejoice is his passionate love for you!

This will empower you to repent and grow stronger in holy love for others.


Tony Felton

Deacon; St. Benet’s Minster