Deacon’s Reflections

Deacon Tony continues to supply us with some thoughts on the readings from each Sunday’s Mass and the message it contains.

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Deacon’s Reflections

Twenty-sixth Sunday of Year “A”

The Correct Answer Isn’t Always Right

This Sunday’s Gospel story was meant to shock people who think they’re okay spiritually but do not honestly examine how well they do the Father’s will.

Jesus said that tax collectors and prostitutes (professions considered to be the most contemptible and unholy) were entering the kingdom of God ahead of religious experts!

These so-called “experts” knew the correct answer to the question that Jesus posed — they knew to say yes to God — but knowing the right answer and actually DOING the right answer is the dividing line between heaven and hell.

  • God doesn’t want right answers;
  • He does want righteous actions;
  • God doesn’t want dutiful compliance to Church teachings;
  • He does want obedience motivated by love;
  • and He does want an enthusiastic attitude of serving in the mission of the Church.

What’s the value of going to Mass every Sunday, for example, if it doesn’t result in deeds of holiness outside the Mass?

Do you know someone who’s saying “no” to coming to Mass?  If they’re doing good works because they genuinely love God, who’s to say they won’t reach full unity with him sooner than people who attend every Mass but do little to help others?

  • God wants us to do both: Know the right answers and be righteous.
  • Go to Mass faithfully and be changed by it.

Say “Yes!” to his calling to make the world a better place by uniting ourselves to Christ in church and following him out the door, taking him to everyone we meet.

Tony Felton

Deacon; St. Benet’s Minster