Deacon’s Reflections

What Are You Looking For?

In this Sunday’s Gospel passage, Jesus asks Andrew, who became one of his first disciples, “What are you looking for?” He says this to you, too, and to every one of us. 

When you pray, and when you look at a crucifix, or when you see a picture of Jesus, “What exactly are you looking for? 

Jesus says: “Come and see!” “But what are you supposed to be looking at? “

His love? His healing power?  His supernatural ability to answer our prayers? Whatever we’re looking for, the reason we’re seeking it is because we don’t yet have it!

Jesus is the fulfilment of every promise made by God the Father. Jesus is the fullness of love, the provider of mercy, the divine healer, the perfect mediator of all our prayers and concerns and everything else we truly need.

  • Why then does it feel like something is still missing?
  • Why do our lives feel incomplete?
  • Why do our prayers seem unanswered?

The answer is revealed in what happened after Andrew began to follow Jesus. We read about it in Samuel’s response to God’s invitation. We proclaim it in the Responsorial Psalm:

“Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will.”

Andrew, his brother Simon Peter, and the other disciples were privileged to witness first-hand the wondrous miracles of Jesus. They personally experienced God’s love through the gentle eyes of Jesus, the tone of kindness in his voice, and the forgiveness that was visible in his smile.

Yet with all of this, they did not really find all that they were looking for, until they were on the giving end of it.  (Remember how Peter felt afraid or confused or uncertain.) They didn’t discover the fullness of Jesus until Jesus was no longer present in the flesh and they accepted their calling to continue Christ’s earthly ministry.

The same is true for us, we who have never seen Jesus’ actual eyes or heard his actual voice. We find what we’re seeking when we give it to others. Why? Because then we discover that we really had it all along!

This is the miracle of “Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will.”

Tony Felton

Deacon, St Benet’e Beccles

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