Deacon’s Reflections

Mass is still being said by our priests and the Church’s liturgical calendar still moves on.  Deacon Tony continues to supply us with some thoughts on the readings from each Sunday’s Mass and the message it contains.

The readings themselves are available on the website to enable us all to join in the celebration –  in spirit at least.

Deacon’s Reflections

How to Make Burdens Feel Light

Does the yoke of Jesus weigh you down or does it feel light?

We feel weighed down by personal struggles; we have so many of our own crosses to carry and so many people need our attention that we’re exhausted from it all. We need a vacation, an escape, a time out! So why does Jesus tell us that his yoke is easy? Why does he say that the burdens are light?

How can sharing in the ministry of Jesus be restful?

When the burdens of life wear us down and tire us out, it’s usually because we’ve taken on more responsibility than God has actually given to us.

Or else it’s because we’re expending energy trying to get rid of a cross after Jesus has yoked us to it. If the burden leads to burnout, God lets us get tired, because he’s warning us:

  • Slow down!
  • Simplify your life!
  • Make a change!
  • Spend more time in prayer!

If it leads to anger and resentment, God is showing us that our selfish desire for an easier life is, in reality, making our lives more difficult.

In other words, when we strain and pull against the yoke — against our union with Christ — we suffer from our own mistaken ideas of what we should be doing. It is when we remember that we’re yoked to Someone who is infinitely stronger and wiser than we are that the burden becomes light. The yoke then becomes a source of joy.

Jesus offers us everything we need for ploughing the fields that God assigns to us. When we cooperate with him, the burden is indeed light.

 We find rest in Jesus and we benefit from his strength.

Our anger and resentment and weariness disappear. We experience holy pleasure in our tasks because we’re yoked to the goodness and the energy of Jesus himself.


Tony Felton

Deacon; St. Benet’s Minster