Deceased During Covid

Rest in Peace

We continue to remember those who have died during the period when Covid restrictions were in force:

Simon Bracken,

Mary Ellwood, Marie Ellwood; Rev. Mike Wells,

James Carroll, Margaret Zagdan, Mary Wolski,

Richard Bellefontaine, Brian Blowers, Marisa Covis,

Arthur Storey, Louise Walmsley, Reji Pampackal, 

Frances Durack, Betty Breheny, Marian Gracey, 

Violet Hughes, John Fern, Marie Coward, 

Sheila Maye, Audrey Butler, Jackie Pipe, 

Clodagh Casolani, Anne Ronald, Claire Barber, 

Carol Edgar, Elizabeth Bayliss, John Sirl, 

Ivor Baxter, Roma Matthews, Michael Devlin.

Prayer 9

Other Prayer Requests

These are published on the following pages.  Click on the blue link below, to view each group of requests for Parish Prayer Requests for:-

And for Deceased Parishioners:-

 Plus we have received suggestions for Prayers for:-

Prayer 7

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