Deacon’s Reflections

Twenty-sixth Sunday;  Year B

Unexpected Partners

In this Sunday’s Gospel reading, Jesus says that “whoever is not against us is for us”.

The reality of this often takes us by surprise, with unexpected partners.

  • On the one hand, it can seem like someone is against us when really, they are not. For example, when someone speaks a truth that we don’t want to hear, that person seems to be our enemy, while in fact they are God’s chosen instrument.
  • At other times, people side with us but only for their own agenda; they’re not interested in assisting the purposes that God has for our lives.
  • And sometimes we encounter people who are doing the Lord’s work, but not in the way that we expect them to, and so we assume that they are not doing what God wants them to do.

To figure out whether someone is truly against us or is, in fact, God’s instrument for us, we have to separate ourselves from the heat and frustrations of the experience and sit quietly with Jesus. After we vent to him our fears and anger and then forgive those who seem to be against us, we will be open to hearing a more divine assessment of the situation.

Even when someone truly is acting against us, when we sit quietly in prayer, seeking a word of knowledge or wisdom from the Holy Spirit, we can discover that God is for us and that’s what matters most.

God gives us encouragement and strength to endure any troubles.

Tony Felton

Deacon, St Benet’s Beccles

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