Covid19; National News

These pages are being developed to provide a point of reference for reliable sources of information about COVID-19, (the Coronavirus), and factual guidance about how to ccope with it.

Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, July 29, 2018: Apple iPhone X with icoBe aware that there are many instances of erroneous stories circulating on “Social Media”. Some of these may just be genuine errors – while others seem designed to create alarm and despondency, or to facilitate trouble or unrest.

Please, always use the official, government and Church websites shown in the following pages, or refer to trusted news outlets like BBC and ITV.  You can also access this website’s pages of information relevant to St Benet’s parish to learn what you can do to keep your faith alive during this crisis

St BenetsWe also include a section for Information of the help that is available on a local level – particularly listing the help and support that is available from our Parishioners.  We don’t claim this to be an exhaustive list for all that is available in Beccles – other Parishes, Charities and Welfare Organisations are doing their best to help – as are many individuals.

Rogues - western

BUT – just be cautious about any well-meaning stranger offering to help.  It is a sad fact that there are some devious and plausible rogues and rascals around, who are only too keen to take advantage of your trusting nature – and they may not be as obvious as the gang of “cowboys and ruffians” shown here!


There is also a Rescue help-here-life-preserver-rescue-saving-life-26510169page which you can use to contact us if you would like some advice, help or support during this difficult time. 

You can also record your interest if you are fit and well and are able to do something to help some others less fortunate than yourself – particularly those who may not have any family close enough to assist them.


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