Charities Leaflet Nov 2018



Renewal Leaflet III – November 2018

Parish Fundraising

This leaflet features a few of the charitable fundraising projects supported by members of St Benet’s.  It doesn’t mention second collections, CAFOD, Lenten Alms or many other charities to which we donate in various ways – for example, through shopping and neighbourliness!  The first three pages of the leaflet focus on charitable giving which will engage us in the coming weeks; the article on the final page is intended as a reminder of an ongoing project with which our parish has been involved since 2001.


Mary's Meals (3)


‘I would like to have enough food to eat.

And I would like to be able to go to school one day’.


Mary’s Meals began when Magnus Macfarlane-Barrow heard those words spoken by a young child – a homeless AIDS orphan – in Malawi back in 2002.  Ten years previously, at home in the west of Scotland, Magnus had commandeered his father’s large shed for food storage to bring relief to war victims in Bosnia-Herzegovina, driving his lorry through the Balkans via Medjugorje.  With the growth of Mary’s Meals since 2003, the ‘shed’ now feeds more than a million children every day of the school year in different areas of Africa and Asia – also in Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America – with support from Scotland and around the world.  It costs just £13.90 to provide a cooked meal on school days for one child  through one calendar year.

Mary's Meals (800x450)St Benet’s First Communion children have a jar each to provide donations in the form of coins over the Christmas season and we are all encouraged to join in and take a jar home with us, beginning on Advent Sunday (and remembering that the Christmas season lasts until Candlemas on February 2nd!)  The empty jars will be available for you to take away for donations from the first day of December – welcome back in the first days of February… –  For further details, please contact Helen on 710483


20180428_195918 (800x510)Once again in 2018, we have been raising funds in the parish for charities of local interest … for which we canvas your suggestions in November year-by-year.  This time Guide_Dogslast year, we opted to promote a ‘Beccles Parish’ Defibrillator for church, school and general availability, and to raise funds for Guide Dogs for the Blind locally.  While booking a location for our monthly market stall in Beccles, we found that it was only allowable to support one charity in Louise Hamilton Centrethree months and so we retained the Louise Hamilton Centre (James Paget Hospital) as a third local charity: having raised over £1,000 for this facility in 2017, we’d heard that the project was still nearing completion with need for ongoing support at the time.  Meanwhile, St Benet’s Primary School raised half of the £1250 required for a very local defibrillator in 2018 (soon to be installed outside the parish hall porch, facing St Mary’s Rd – thus available to church, school and general public), leaving us free to make a further contribution to a future defibrillator somewhere in the town if this is required.  And Magic, our local black Guide Dog, may perhaps be joined by a companion somewhere soon…  In all, we have raised just over £2,000 in 2018 – with the Quiz Night (Saturday 24 November) and Christmas Raffle (see below) still to go!


Christmas HamperIn a final bid to raise funds for the charities we’ve been supporting this year, there will be a RAFFLE for CHRISTMAS HAMPERS in St Benet’s at midday on Sunday 16th December

From mid-November: your contributions in the form of Christmas puddings, cakes, biscuits, bottles, preserves, etc, will be very welcome!  (There’ll be lists at the back of both churches so we can collaborate in our giving towards perhaps half-a-dozen well-stocked hampers of different shapes and sizes)

RAFFLE TICKETS in support of the charities will then be on sale throughout the first half of December


As usual, we are free to choose which charities to support during the course of next year.

Much of the fundraising will be through the market stalls held by Pam and Arthur Storey between April and October, as well as other special events throughout 2019 (your suggestions for these will be very welcome!)

VotingWe nearly always support two or three local charities each year; but the charity of your choice doesn’t have to be ‘local’ – just name one that you would like to be supported by St Benet’s.

This year we hope that every parishioner will name their favoured charity by the second half of November.  This is because those who book locations for our monthly market stalls, which has to be done in late November, are required to name the charities to be supported by each stall through 2019.  So please name your favoured charities without delay!

Votes will be counted during the week of November 19th and results announced during the Quiz Night on Saturday November 24th



Congo School for Peace Leaflet

The School is situated in the village of Tshamalale near Lubumbashi in southern Congo (DRC).

The project began in the late 1990s following a visit to Beccles by a nun from the Congolese order, the Sisters of St Joseph, who made friends with parishioners at St Benet’s one of whom went there in 2001, in spite of the war, taking £560 raised by parishioners and friends in Beccles.

When asked what the money would be spent on, the answer was, “We will build a school for Peace for the children of families fleeing from the war zone.” And that’s exactly what they have done with the wonderful support of the parishioners of St Benet’s in Beccles as well as friends from further afield.

Congo School for Peace Banner (800x250)There are now three school buildings (nursery, primary and secondary) and coming to school prevents many children from being kidnapped to fight for paramilitary groups. Sponsors are urgently needed to help with the continued success of the school. Every penny we receive goes to the project.

If you would like to find out more about the project, please go
to the website: or telephone 01502  716960.