Anniversaries about this time:-

In Memorium

-Those whose anniversaries occur w/c Sun 02 October

2nd Michael Penman;  Rosina Ashley.

3rd Jacqueline Pipe;  Doris Kirby;  Dom Edmund Ford OSB.

4th  Ann Briggs;  Mary Sloman;  Lily Tucker.

5th  Margaret Wilson.

6th Gladys (Jo) Sharp;  Sylvia Boulger.

7th Audrey Sawyer;  Dom Meinrad Fulton OSB.

8th Pamela Henderson;  George West.

-Those whose anniversaries occur w/c Sun 09 October: –

9th  Richard Hunt; Muriel Bennett; Dorothy Peck; Albert Roberts.

10th Patrick Hopkins;  Anne Kearns.

11th Margaret Haymes; Freda Crisp; Richard Hunter.

12th Sr Josephine McKeeber SMG; Michael Hepton; Stephen Henry.

13th Rev Mike Wells; Barbara Re; Gordon Critchley.

14th  Michael Barber; Patricia Sanejko; Francis Wisker.

15th  Joan Crisp; Richard Wincup; Mary  Chedane.

– And for all those who have died recently, their family and friends.

Prayer 7


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