Anniversaries about this time:-

In Memorium

For those whose anniversaries occur w/c Sun 19 June

19th Alison Manson-Bahr; Margaret Vella; Isabella Whiting.

20th Margaret Churchward; Winifred Tate; Joseph Fisk; Dom Aidan Trafford OSB; Edward Hewitt; Mary Rowlett.

21st  Margaret Carroll.

22nd Brigid Butcher; Marianne Thorpe; Patrick Shanahan; Grace Sharratt.

23rd Katherine Thornhill.

25th Anne Bauers; William Sargent; William Haverson; Isabella Allen.

For those whose anniversaries occur w/c Sun 26 June

26th  Brenda West; Susan Hastings; Robert O’Brien.

27th  Kay Richards; Walter Tonkes; Dom Aidan Howlett OSB.

28th  June Wilson; Brian Casey.

29th  Elsa Colburn; Charlotte Howell.

30th  Roy Banns.

01st  Roy Bartholomew; Luigina Vettese; Kathleen  Stewart;  Jessie Milton.

And for all those who have died recently: their family and friends.

Prayer 7


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