Readers’ Rota; 1030 Mass; May 2019


St Benet’s Readers Rota YEAR C  Sunday 10:30 am Mass; May 2019


Sunday First Reading Second Reading
28th April

Divine Mercy Sunday

(2nd Sunday of Easter) ●

Terry O’Brien Oonagh Segrave- Daly
5th May

3rd Sunday of Easter

First Communions

To be arranged by Toni Harrison To be arranged by Toni Harrison
12th May

4th Sunday of Easter

Cindy Barnes Howard Trust
19th May

5th Sunday of Easter

Pamela Saint-Mart Philip Taylor
26th May

6th  Sunday of Easter

Tim Harrison Bernadette Starak

Universalis : This is a website where you can find the readings. It is free to look up the readings on the day and for week ahead so if you don’t have (or can’t find) a missal you can still work on your reading before the mass.