Readers’ Rotas for Masses on Sundays


Readers and Writers July 2022

 Reminder. The 10.30 readers bring up the Offertory Gifts 


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Reader at 10.30. am Mass

Reader at Mass

03rd July

14th Sunday of ordinary time

Terence O’Brien.

Terence O’Brien.

William Kett.

Jo Hamer.


15th Sunday of ordinary time

Howard Trust.

 School Mass


Graham Spratt.

17th July.

16th Sunday of ordinary time

Jo Hamer.

George McPhillie.

Ava McPhillie.

Hilda Jackson.

24th July.

17th Sunday of ordinary time

Bernard Segrave-Daly.

Oonagh and Bernard Segrave-Daly.

Douglas Johnston.

31st July

18th Sunday of ordinary time.

Gabriel Doll.

Ryan Kennedy.

Jeremiah Do Rosario.

Graham Spratt.

Readers and Writers for June 2022


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Reader at 10.30 Mass

Reader at Mass


5TH June

Pentecost Sunday


Richard Freeland

Richard Freeland

William Kett


Graham Spratt

12th June

Trinity Sunday


Jo Hamer


Mary Sparrow

Nate Sparrow


Jo Hamer

19th June

Corpus  Christi


Graham Doll



Children’s Mass


Hilda Jackson

26th June

13th Sunday Ordinary time


Howard Trust


Catherine Roberts

Ryan Kennedy

 Douglas Johnston


Reminder:- Readers at 10:30 Mass take up the Bread and Wine at the Offertory. 




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