Readers & Writers; 1030 Mass on Sundays

“Readers” Rota, for July 2020, Revised 11 July 2020.

During the Covid Crisis, each Sunday’s Reader will give the First Reading, the Responsorial Psalm, the Second Reading and the Gospel Acclamation for the Sunday in question.

While giving the Readings, the Reader should wear disposable gloves and avoid touching the microphone or Lectionary – other than for page turning.

1030 Mass July V2 029

“A Reader Writes”

The “Reader’s Writings” are produced by indivdual Readers who are happy to share their own thoughts on the “Liturgy of the Word” for that particular Sunday.  They may – or may not! – be that week’s reader; not everyone has the time or inclination to put pen to paper, or to be identified if they do so.

These notes may not be as “theological” as Fr Martin’s weekly messages, but we hope you will find them an interesting and thought-provoking addition which may broaden your understanding.

If you have any comments to add – or you disagree with a writer! – please drop me an email at  ; it could be an interesting way to stimulate a “discussion” which could help us all.

We do need you to identify yourself – but we can always publish comments from “Name and Address Supplied” – so long as they are not personal abuse!